• An environmental portrait of Rezia Braza


  • Shot at the CEB Tower on Behalf of Government CIO

    Washington, DC

  • Heather and Brett Pocorobba Engagement Shot

    Love in the Fountain

  • Half Dome -Shot on Behalf of the National Park Service

    Half Dome

  • Santa Fe Photography Workshop

    Don't Mess with Donald When He's Drunk

  • Indian River Jetty, Photo of the Week, July 29.

    Geoff Livingston's Photo of the Week, July 29.

    Indian River Jetty

  • Geoff Livingston documented the Wildlife Works project on behalf of Audi USA's carbon offset program.

    Wildlife Works Project shot on behalf on Audi USA

    The Wildlife Works Project in Kenya

  • The Isolated Self, Exposed DC Exhibit

    Isolation in Laguna Beach

  • The Library of Congress, Washington, DC

    Run for Joy

  • Havana, Cuba

    Play Chess with Your Friends

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