101 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Pacific Sunset

In the spring of 2008, I published the 101 Things I Want to Do Before I Die. The 101 List was first popularized locally in Washington, DC by AOL Vice Chair and sports magnate Ted Leonsis.

Of the 101 things, I have completed 15 in the past 3 1/2 years. At this rate I should be done by the time, I’m 60! Below find the complete list.

What are some of your lifetime goals?


Soleil Turns One

1) Feel and know true love: Completed: Having Soleil has changed and deepened my concept of love forever. I know Caitlin feels the same.

2) Give true love without thought for self: Completed: The sacrifices you make for a child are unbelievable, things you would never imagine.

3) Have no relative die with any things left to be said between us

4) New: Live to hold a grandchild in my hands.

5) See my wife with Mikimoto pearls dripping from her body

6) Make sure my family has no financial strain

7) Go on a date every week with my wife (so long as we are in the same city)

8) Have a child, girl or boy. Completed: Soleil was born on October 29, 2010.

9) Adopt a child

10) Sponsor an extended family retreat

11) Create a legacy at Georgetown University

12) Help my niece at that time (whatever it is) when she needs me

13) Do another leg of the baseball tour with my Dad

14) Spend a week vacation with my sister and her family. Completed: June, 2011 in the Berkshires.

Personal Achievement

Ride Me!

15) Help one Fortune 500 really get social media right: Completed: In 2011, I helped Google relaunch its Nonprofit offering with a successful blogger event and trained a team of Procter & Gamble brand managers on social media.

16) Publish another business book Completed: Welcome to the Fifth Estate was published May, 2011. Marketing in the Round will be published in May, 2012.

17) Ride motorcycles again. Completed: I owned a Ducati GT1000 from Fall, 2008 – Spring, 2011.

18) Use my powers to make a major course difference for at least one charitable effort

19) Publish a great science fiction novel

20) New: Ride a bicycle for 100 miles

21) Sell my agency – Completed Sold Livingston Communications, March 31, 2009

22) Edited: Own a very book friendly coffee shop

23) Have a cameo role in a big time movie as myself, some schmo from DC

24) Contribute to a small child’s education anonymously

25) Work in a library for a year

26) Explore painting

27) New: Start a third company, a social enterprise that does not provide marketing consulting services.

28) Evolve into a much more spiritual existence: Completed: In August of 2009, I began practicing Mahayana buddhism with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing. Some months are better than others.

29) Regular yoga (Completed 2015)

30) Help build a micro-economy or ten (Completed 2012-4)

31) Publish a NY Times bestseller

32) New: Run corporate social responsibility for a Fortune 500.

33) See my books on the shelf at multiple bookstores (Completed 2012)

34) Amended: Learn Spanish

35) Work on a presidential campaign

36) Become Dr. Livingston

37) Learn to scuba dive

38) Teach on the University level as an adjunct. Completed: I taught social media at Georgetown University in Spring of 2009.

Real World

The First Presidential Tweet

39) See a black man as president. (Completed 2009): Thank you, Barack Obama.

40) See DC get full voting rights

41) Spend two years of my life serving a charity in an executive role

42) See a man walk on Mars

Stuff and Experience

The Skipper's View

43) Go to a Final Four

44) Throw a first pitch at a MLB game

45) Sit in a dugout for a full MLB game

46) Own five cars simultaneously

47) New: Give up and give away everything to live in a humble one bedroom apartment later in life

48) Build my own home

49) Give Caitlin and Soleil regular winter breaks in the British Virgin Islands

50) Have a summer home in Canada

51) Attend a clinching World Series game

52) Attend a Summer Olympics

53) Attend a Winter Olympics

54) Own a Mac Book Pro. Completed: 4-12-08!

55) See running of the bulls

56) Watch a Rage Against the Machine concert before they get too old. (Completed 2008)

57) New: Tour a Cuban cigar plantation.

58) Own a BMW 1 series.

59) New: Pay for Soleil’s (and any other children’s) education in full.

60) New: Own an Omega again.

61) New: Have a Rhodesian Ridgeback as part of my family.


The Gang

62) Do a spiritual retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas

63) Tour China extensively

64) Stay at the Bellagio for a week

65) Visit Viet Nam

66) Visit New Zealand

67) Visit Australia

68) Visit the heart of Africa, Lake Victoria

69) Spend a spring in St. Petersburg, Russia

70) Spend a Fall in Prague

71) Stay at the Ventana Inn for a week with no connectivity

72) Hike throughout Big Sur

73) See the snows of Kilimanjaro before they completely melt

74) Live in London for a significant period of time

75) See Mt. Everest with my own eyes

76) Hike Mauna Kea

77) See the rest of the Hawaiian Islands (already been to the Big Island).

78) Take an Alaskan cruise

79) Live in NYC for a season

80) New: Enjoy a vacation in the Canadian Rockies

81) See the Antarctic

82) Hike in the Patagonia range: (Completed 2009)

83) Watch the Orcas from the San Juan Islands

84) Galapagos

85) Drive across the Southern U.S.

86) Madagascar trip

87) Tour Southern Africa


Blog Training at New Hamlet

88) Have a conversation over dinner with a president of the United States

89) New: Pick Jim Collins’ brain for an hour.

90) Meet Bono

91) Dinner with Bill Gates!

92) Talk with the Dalai Lama.

93) New: Spend more time with the nuns and monks of Plum Village

94) Do a podcast mini-series with Doc Searls on the Cluetrain 10 Years later

95) New: Meet Scarlet Johannson

96) Have a video taped debate with Mark Cuban on bloggers versus journalists

97) Tea with Richard Morgan

98) Coffee with Neal Stephenson

99) Supper with William Gibson

100) New: Meet Conan O’Brien

101) Do one FIR podcast with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson . (Completed 2008).