Full of Life, Zoetica Launches

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And so Zoetica begins. Together with top-ranked nonprofit blogger Beth Kanter and PR maven Kami Huyse, I am proud to launch Zoetica. Zoetica, a social enterprise, provides superior communication consulting, training, and strategy to help mindful organizations affect social change. As part of our mission, the consultancy will allocate 10 percent of our annual profits to organizations selected by Zoetica’s three founders.

What a crazy, yet fitting name! A mouthful of four syllables, yet only seven characters starting with a unique Z, a state of almost Internet nirvana. We got it from the biological term zoetic, which means pertaining to life. And that’s fitting as the company aspires to achieve social impact and make our lives better through communications.


I’ve been through my fair share of communications start-ups, so I’d like to tell you some of the things that are different about our team going out the door.

1) The social mission is important to us. Beth’s entire career is nonprofit focused, and Kami and I have reached a point in our careers where we want to have real, meaningful impact. Whether it’s a nonprofit or a company with a strong social responsibility or environmental program, given our collective skill set this seems like the best way to affect social change.

2) While not an agency, the consultancy is communications focused. In the words of Edward Moore, “Shoemaker, stick to thy last.” And so, we stick to our core competency.

3) We each have strengths and weaknesses, which combined as an entity provide a balanced team. While we’re all strategists who have been in the marketplace on our own, there are certain natural roles: Beth’s the best blogger, and should be the frontperson. Kami is the best manager, and should run teams and projects. I’m the best marketer of the group, and will be on the frontline with clients. The roles are essential: As someone who ran a company solo, the big danger for an entrepreneur is trying to do everything her/himself. No one is the master of all.

4) All three of us have worked together. In an era where superstar blogger teams come together and break apart at the first twinge of ego-stress, this cannot be underestimated. I’ve worked with Kami for three years and Beth for two. Together, we’ve been working on Zoetica for five months. Further, we’ve all been through hard times on our own. It’s easier to trust known elements when push comes to shove.

5) The corporate structure allows for consensus and movement. While we each have our accepted roles, we also are equal partners. Our structure enables us to move through internal challenges using a majority rule, yet at the same time honors the voice of the minority. Private companies are just that, but this factor makes our collective future direction easier.

6) The national footprint adds strength! One city alone is a regional entity, but with Houston, San Francisco and Washington covered, we’re truly a national entity.

7) I mentioned strengths and weaknesses as they relate to a team versus a sole proprietor. There’s another aspect to this. It’s lonely running a company by yourself. Frankly, the Livingston Communications experience made me realize that I need peers in my work life. What better people than Beth and Kami? Two great people that I enjoy working with, that have similar values, and who are masters in their own right.

So in the words of John Lennon, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” It’s time for Zoetica.

You can check out both Beth and Kami’s take on the new company, You can also check out the official press release.


  • Congrats and I can’t think of three more cool people to be pulling together on something. BEST of luck!

  • I am excited to think about all the positive social change you three will engender. The world needs more of this. Very best wishes for a huge success. I love the logo and name, by the way!

  • Congrats to all three of you on the launch of Zoetica! Exciting times! Best wishes to you all.

  • Congratulations! This collaborative venture certainly sounds like it holds great promise for social change. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Zoetica. Best wishes.

  • Geoff – Very best wishes to all three of you on this new endeavor. It sounds like a terrific concept and something that the world truly needs. Looking forward to seeing what great work you all produce!


  • Fabulous! Best wishes for all three of you. May you have an exhausting, exciting and fulfilling launch. :)

  • …an inspired trio for sure. Congratulations.


  • Bravo! Looking forward to seeing you grow in the space.

  • Congrats Geoff! Best of luck to all three of you, that’s quite a team you’ve put together!

  • Congrat Geoff! What a great team to work with! Can’t wait to watch you grow.

  • Congratulations! What an impressive partnership.

    Wishing you much success and happiness,

  • Congratulations to you Geoff, Beth and Kami, exciting news. When you say consultancy, is the focus on advising rather than production?

  • WoW! what a strong, creative team that has come together. Without a doubt you’ll help to move innovative social media initiatives into organizations that make a difference in the lives of many. Congrats!

  • Thank you, all of you! I am so lucky to have a great group of friends. Social media is amazing.

    John: Yes, we will focus on advising rather than producing or acting on behalf of our clients.

  • A heartfelt congratulations to you, Geoff! Looking forward to watching you grow and inspire others.

    To your success,

    Andrea :D


  • Wow. Great news. Neat to launch the day after @bethkanter ‘s bday…Fabulous sense of ya’ll’s purpose…how grand. Truly. Excited beyond for you!!!

  • Hi Geoff,

    Firstly huge congrats on Zoetic. Meaningful powerful work with great partners. It’s great to meet another marketer in this space and I follow Beth’s blog continuously. In my experience there’s a huge need for what you do and I pass on anything I can (I also in marketing). In some ways mindful organizations are most in touch with the emotions of their consumers and yet many haven’t been armed with the tools to be effective marketers. And that include big corporate brands grappling, with the economy, technology transitions, and digital and social media shifting sands. Best of luck with it and I’ll help how I can. Best, Simon

  • What an amazing and dedicated team you’ve formed! Congratulations to all of you, Geoff, and Beth and Kami, on the launch of Zoetica. No doubt you’ll deliver new energy and vigor to the communications of “mindful organizations,” helping them to make a difference, effecting social change with and for their communities.

  • Congratulations, Geoff, Beth and Kami!!! I can’t think of three better-qualified people to start a successful socially-conscious enterprise. Thank you in advance for all the wonderful work you’re going to do to change the world. You know I’m fully in your corner, and that’s a rockin’ logo you have had designed for Zoetica!

  • Congrats to all of you! I’m sure you’re crush-it and make a positive impact on a lot of people/organizations :)


  • Jeff – Congratulations on the launch. Learned about the venture via fellow WELL alum Beth. Looking forward to hearing/seeing/experiencing great things from the Zoetica team. (Was going to say “triumvirate,” but caught myself in time.)

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    Congrats to @GeoffLiving @kamichat @kanter for the launch! [link to post] http://bit.ly/71Cd6d

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    Three’s a charm! RT @GeoffLiving: New Blog Post: Full of Life, Zoetica Launches [link to post]

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    Honorable new venture. Glad to see you follow a passion. RT @GeoffLiving: New Blog Post: Full of Life, Zoetica Launches [link to post]

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    Zoetica Launches. Sounds like social change in the making…[link to post]

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    RT @GeoffLiving: Full of Life, Zoetica Launches [link to post] (“we want to have real, meaningful impact.” Congrats, Geoff!)

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    @sofuego Zoetica is a new SM agency serving nonprofits. [link to post] Started by 3 friends: @kamichat, @geoffliving & @kanter

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  • Congrats to the team! Big news.

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  • Congrats Geoff & Kami! You are the best at what you do and wish you much success!

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