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I’m happy to announce that I am currently writing the second edition of Now Is Gone (Bartleby, the Publisher), which will be released in 2011. Only a few hundred copies of the book remain in stock. Since the social media market has evolved so much over the past three and a half years when the first one was drafted, it will be retitled, “Now Is Really Gone.” You can read the draft of the first chapter — Welcome to the Fifth Estate — on Slideshare, as submitted to my editing committee.

Before describing planned changes for the second edition, it’s really important to thank Engage Author Brian Solis for his work in writing the introduction, consulting on direction and content, and promoting the first Now Is Gone. The book would not have succeeded without Brian’s help. If you don’t own Engage, you should. It’s your opportunity to get a great download from the leading voice in the business of new media.

Like the first one, Now Is Really Gone will serve executives and entrepreneurs, albeit the late adopters. This time the introduction will be written by Amanda Rose, the brilliant creator of the social media fundraising event phenomenon Twestival. Further, a new chapter will be added to the book on measurement, which will be authored by fellow Zoetica partner Kami Huyse.

Additional changes include all new case studies, each chapter with one cause and one corporate example. In addition to Kami’s measurement chapter, a new chapter will be added on cultural barriers to organizational adoption. The chapter on the future of social media will be omitted as will the interviews at the end of the original book. The remaining five chapters will all be revised.

Though the original book was generally well reviewed, the biggest source of criticism was the typos, a result of pushing the book to market to meet a 2007 publishing date and get our ideas into the marketplace. To significantly improve the new product, an editing committee has been created to proof each chapter ruthlessly. While we cannot promise a typo free book, I certainly hope to satisfy my staunch critics with the new product.

New draft material continues to be created, and some of it is blogged here in the Really Gone category. Comments that highlight weaknesses in the posts are appreciated, and if used, will be cited in the book. Like the original book, one of the features will be the citation of source materials. No one gets their ideas on social media in a vacuum, and I believe it’s really important to document sources.

It’s my intent to have the book rewritten by September’s close. Because of the forthcoming birth of my first child later this autumn (November 4 due date), after August I will be on a speaking moratorium until well into 2011. Even then, there will be no in-person book tour, all promotions surrounding Now Is Really Gone will be online. Family first.

Thank you to all of my friends and online supporters who have made this possible!


  • Congrats, Geoff! I know from personal experience that the second edition of a book can feel like almost as much work as the first, so good luck getting it done quickly! Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

  • Geoff, great news about the next edition of Now is Gone. You may or may not remember coming to Ft. Worth PRSA to present and I picked up your book then. I still consider (blame :D) you and your book for my entry into social sphere. I look forward to reading the updated version not only as a refresher, but also to get new stuff from Kami.

    Thanks for your willingness to keep the conversation going.

    – @vedo

  • Thanks, Nedra. In many ways it feels like a new book (as I edit the second chapter). Hope all is well with you!

  • Of course I remember, Richie! And I think Lauren Vargas was in attendance, too. Thanks for your support. It’s amazing how social media brings people together, and moves them from author/speaker & audience member to genuine friends who talk online.

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  • Congratulations!

  • Excellent news. Glad to know you will be writing another one. I look forward to it.


  • Already started my section and am looking for some awesome measurement case studies! Thanks for having me for this re-write and LOVE the editing committee idea ;-)

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