9 Replies to “Has Social Taken a Supporting Actor’s Role?”

  1. The data is not surprising. Most of the people I know with smartphones do not have Twitter accounts and rarely, if ever, use Facebook on their devices. Rather they use their iPads, iPhones, Android and BlackBerry devices to play games, make and send phone calls and text messages, and use office productivity tools.

  2. I suspect that Facebook and Twitter usage is actually captured in the “Web Browsing” and “Real-Time Entertainment” categories, and/or that “Peak Period Aggregate Traffic” is actually a indicator of bandwidth consumption and not time spent.

    Inconceivable to me that combined Twitter and Facebook usage alone doesn’t make the top 5.

    1. 46 million Americans is roughly  20%. And does check, mean like check you mail?  What kind of use are we talking here? Not as impressive as it may seem. Also, the yellow color denotes social networking in the chart. Thanks for your counter opinion, still skeptical.

      1. Agreed on the “check” stuff, and I think overall we agree the idea that the hype > reality. Would have liked to see what specifically was included in their various categories though, was unable to get any more detail from their site. Still suspect there was an issue of bandwidth versus time spent. Thx Geoff.

  3. I think social media isn’t a big bandwidth consumer so the 2.7% could represent a lot of low bandwidth cunsumers. Or it could be a hype bubble, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. But then when it comes to effective communication, I am a multi-channel kind of girl, not all my eggs in a SM basket.

    1. Yeah, it’s got an important role. It’s not an extra, but they hype seems overextended to me give the stats. Again, supporting actors win Oscars, too, but… You get my point.

  4. I think that social is just being under-utilized. You hear lots talk about “social”, but it seems like few organizations really know what it means, and even fewer know how to employ it well. Until it becomes something that busineses and non-profits can really integrate into their relationship with their donors/customers, we won’t see social used pervasively.

    As a side note, I have heard that Apple’s release of iOS5 may integrate Twitter much deeper into the OS. It will be interesting to see if this leads to further adoption of Twitter itself, or changes the way it’s used in the first place!

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