Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) Answers Tough Questions

In the above video, Author of The Thank You Economy Gary Vaynerchuk answers five questions about his views on consultants and social media. These questions are a follow up to both his controversial TechCrunch interview where he said 99% of social media experts are clowns, and Gini Dietrich’s blog post questioning Vaynerchuk‘s similar opinions about PR Firms in his book.

Personal note to Gary: Thank you for doing this, you’re a champ! Bought and looking forward to reading The Thank You Economy.

Here are the questions posed to Gary.

  • OK, first there was the TechCrunch “99% of social media experts are clowns” statement, and now there is discussion about your book The Thank You Economy, and how 95% of PR firms will louse up your community relations. You seem to have some strong 90th percentile feelings about consultants these days. What’s causing your statements?
  • Why is this generation of marketers any more or less crappy than the marketers that existed before social media?
  • Have you consulted others outside of your company? How did those engagements work out?
  • Who are some online communications consultants that you like?
  • Kathy Sierra recently said on the Gaping Void blog that your work is great because you make others better. [How] do you hope the industry will improve as a result of these conversations and The Thank You Economy?
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  • Thanks for posting the video, Geoff…I followed the link from Gary’s site, and just subscribed to your blog.  I’m glad that folks like Gary are shining a light on the social media “carpetbaggers”; at the same time, I agree with both of you that the market will eventually take care of them, just as it has in real estate and is starting to in SEO.  I just hope it’s not as painful for the small businesses who get fooled by these unscrupulous guys and gals as it was for the homeowners who got taken by them during the RE boom.  

    • What interests me is how much Gary seems to drive traffic to his site simply by generating a ton of buzz with comments like his 99% one… Could it be that he makes said comments just to drive that traffic? 
      Also, I can see as much a need for Social Media companies as I can for firms that contract out payroll services, HR, answering services, etc. Many small businesses cannot afford full time help running these services so contracting them out makes more sense. This isn’t to say that they are all on the up and up but there are legitimate ones out there in the biz to help companies get a leg up.

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  • Gary, I love that you are so incredibly sharp and real that you can seriously tackle any question that is thrown at you. And you know when you’ve made a mistake, and know when to step back, so you don’t alienate people along the way. I know you might believe in your heart that most Social Media “experts” don’t have the smarts that they should have to be in their position, and I think saying this, only helps the discussion, and moves those “experts” to up their game. Love watching your videos. You’re a quick witted machine, that never stops running man.

  • Peter Boshuis

    At the very least Gary reinforces the concept of ‘buyer be aware’. I find his directness appealing. Too often ‘experts’ are placed on pedestals. Gary acts contrarily by reaching through the cloud. 

  • Great interview! I love the self introduction and bio.

  • Great interview! I freaking love you both (Gary and Geoff) Thanks.

  • great post…thanks for sharing it with us

  • Gary, please don’t apologize about your 95% statements! We love you because you aren’t afraid to be controversial. Its obvious you tent to exaggerate and that’w what makes you such a colorful character. People need to stop being to literal and get a sense of proportion and sense of humor. Don’t let anyone pressure you to change!