Revised: 101 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

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In the spring of 2008, I published the 101 Things I Want to Do Before I Die. The 101 List was first popularized locally by AOL Vice Chair and sports magnate Ted Leonsis. It’s such a great exercise in visioning, plus I hadn’t checked off hits on the list in a long time, so I decided to revisit the list before the new year starts.

Of the 101 things, I have completed 15 in the past 3 1/2 years. At this rate I should be done by the time, I’m 60! I did take the opportunity to revise a few uncompleted items on the list, which are noted with the word new.

What are some of your lifetime goals?


Soleil Turns One

1) Feel and know true love: Completed: Having Soleil has changed and deepened my concept of love forever. I know Caitlin feels the same.

2) Give true love without thought for self: Completed: The sacrifices you make for a child are unbelievable, things you would never imagine.

3) Have no relative die with any things left to be said between us

4) New: Live to hold a grandchild in my hands.

5) See my wife with Mikimoto pearls dripping from her body

6) Make sure my family has no financial strain

7) Go on a date every week with my wife (so long as we are in the same city)

8) Have a child, girl or boy. Completed: Soleil was born on October 29, 2010.

9) Adopt a child

10) Sponsor an extended family retreat

11) Create a legacy at Georgetown University

12) Help my niece at that time (whatever it is) when she needs me

13) Do another leg of the baseball tour with my Dad

14) Spend a week vacation with my sister and her family. Completed: June, 2011 in the Berkshires.

Personal Achievement

Ride Me!

15) Help one Fortune 500 really get social media right: Completed: In 2011, I helped Google relaunch its Nonprofit offering with a successful blogger event and trained a team of Procter & Gamble brand managers on social media.

16) Publish another business book Completed: Welcome to the Fifth Estate was published May, 2011. Marketing in the Round will be published in May, 2012.

17) Ride motorcycles again. Completed: I owned a Ducati GT1000 from Fall, 2008 – Spring, 2011.

18) Use my powers to make a major course difference for at least one charitable effort

19) Publish a great science fiction novel

20) New: Ride a bicycle for 100 miles

You can see the whole 101 items here. What are some of your dreams?


  • let’s get to work on that century ride buddy!! :)

    • Ha, thanks, Frank. I am actually starting to do spin classes again. I’ve done 50 before. How about you? You ride a lot?

      • Just got done with a 42 mile ride today. Did 65 before, but that’s my max so far. I try to get out every week. When I was training for a tri I did a lot of spin to get more time on the bike.

  • I completed a big one – to leave my abusive husband with my dignity and sanity intact.

    The next one I am still working on – to write a book that will show others HOW to leave an abuser. A short, actionable, practical book that they can read and be able to act upon. Working on that now.

    The last one I am failing at – to be financially independent. I am losing my place to live and have a very uncertain future. I want very much to be able to provide for my son and right now that is not happening.

    • I am sorry to hear about your troubles, Nancy. I am glad that you have preserved your well being physically.

      I hope you add more aspirations to your list, even small ones.  It’s in achieving some of them that you come to realize that all of them are possible.  Thank you for sharing your personal goals!

  • Love and agree with your #1 and #2 under Family. Though I’d argue that they aren’t easily checked off as “completed,” but lifelong works in progress!

  • I absolutely love posts like this Geoff. They show us all the passions of your mind, the stuff you’re doing to get them done, but also the personal growth you’re experiencing as you develop as a person and set new goals.

    Thanks for this,


  • I LOVE #20!!! After next summer, I want to see that complete. I’ll help you!

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