6 Replies to “Lost Your Social Edge? Try JugnooMe”

  1. I really love the analytics piece of it, too. I’ve had it on Spin Sucks for a couple of weeks now and, like you, can’t get through all the tasks, but I think it’s a really good template for small businesses and NFPs to work from. And I don’t think that just because they’re a client and Danny is a friend. 

  2. Hey there Geoff,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and overview, and really appreciate your support and thoughts so far.

    We’re definitely trying to keep things simple, since the simpler we can make things for our users, the more they can concentrate on the things that matter – you know, like sales, customers, etc. ;-)

    It’s very early days, and we have a bunch of stuff to add in the coming months that I think will surprise people, while solidifying the toolsets and apps we’re already providing.

    For example, we just launched our UnoMomento app in the iTunes store today:


    We’relooking to release more products in the coming months that will tie into each other in a sensible way, and meet our users’ needs no matter what platform they’re on.

    Cheers again, sir, really appreciated!

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