My Love for the Lens

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Half Moon Bay

I love social photography.

Yes, it’s arguably the social web trend of 2012. But beyond the punditry, I just love taking, sharing and discussing pictures.

Seeing so many places and great things as I go about my life, it’s hard not to be stunned at least once daily. There’s a sense of presence that comes with appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

Soleil, the Thinker

Taking a decent picture gives me great pleasure. I feel like that beauty of a site or a moment is recognized, perhaps even half decently shared with others.

Seeing others’ works also amazes me, too.

I saw one of Ann Handley’s photos last weekend on Instagram that depicted a meadow. It was just stunning. I felt transported there immediately.

When I see great photography like this I dream of visiting places, seeing these great sights, and experiencing life anew.

This is the joy of photography with peers.

Photos and the Road

Along the Chicago River Normal Capture

Ever since I was old enough to board a plane, I have traveled… Frequently. In the past five years, I’ve been able to share some of those travels thanks to an interest in amateur photography.

To be able to share beautiful sites and places, again even just a little moment in time, makes the road a friendlier place.

You see, business travel sucks quite a lot. All the hotel rooms seem to blur into one. There is no baby to kiss good night, no wife next to me, no pets torturing me with licks, whines and furry brushes in the early morning (FEED ME). It’s damn lonely.

Vieux Port

But each place is somewhat unique, special if you would. And I can see that with my eyes, and my camera lens.

So instead of finding ways to entertain myself (some of which could lead to trouble), I pick up my camera and go on photowalks.

I treat it like research. I learn the character of a place, then show you what I found most striking. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but its always fun trying to bridge the gap.

The world gets smaller that way.

Why do you like sharing photos with your online friends?

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  • Shonali Burke

    You also take really good photos, Geoff. There are a ton of amateur photographers whose photos are, er, crap. Which is not to take away from the pleasure they must derive of taking them, and I think that’s terrific. I guess for me it’s to share something I’m overwhelmed with/by, or that touches me in some way. Because what’s the point of experiencing something if you can’t share it with others, right? At least, that’s what I think.

    • geofflivingston

      Thank you, you are kind. I get to air out my artsy farsty side with photography.

      I know most photos are crap, but I still like them. OK, I’m a sucker for photos that share those moments you are talking about. That’s what social photography is all about.

  • Rowland John

    Great posting, very informative.

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