Fear and Loathing the 2012 Social Election

While I appreciate great political social tactics and analysis, I can’t take the 2012 social election.

This week’s RNC already produced an amazing amount of vitriol on Facebook and Twitter. I tuned out completely during the evenings.

Next week’s DNC promises to add more.

The President Departs with Smiles

The 2012 political conversation triggers a deeper angst from my peers than I have seen in prior years. People are afraid after four years of caustic debate and a lack of progress.

Caustic conversations create pain.

Mass vitriol in the form of dozens of posts bulked together in your Facebook stream feels like a swarm of political hornets stinging your brain. Or worse, a mass online check-in of fear and hate.

Super Swarm

I will read up on the candidates. I will vote. But I won’t participate in the election conversation.

Not this election. I’d rather bury my head in the political sand, and focus on something more positive.

How do you feel about the 2012 election conversation?


  • Call it a “politigasm.”

  • I’m actually invigorated by it! I pick my battles carefully, respect people’s boundaries, try as best I can to play host to my reply-stream in Facebook. I quote sources carefully, never relying on any of them 100%, and I always have an open ear to a cogent argument, even if I don’t like where it’s heading. It could help that I disavowed the two major parties.

    • So good to see you, Rick. I think you have great discipline to do this. You know I am not so good at that, so abstaining is a better choice for me. My hat’s off to you.

  • I tend to avoid political conversations on social — at least personally. It terms of monitoring, just trying to stick to the facts. Sorry, Geoff, but we’ll probably do more! :-)

    • LOL, no disrespect intended. You guys are doing a great job, and that’s why I featured your graphic.

      Personally, we are on the same page. Some of my hardest conversations online have been the political ones!

  • I feel the same exact way Geoff. There is really nothing to be gained from from incessant arguing over social networks.

    • Hear, hear. And that doesn’t mean we can’t read up on the topic and become informed. It’s a media choice.

  • I’m unafraid of having political discussions – but not on social. The nuances of the argument are lost, context murky. At a bar? Absolutely. On Facebook or Twitter? Hell no.

    • Agreed! There is no sophistication in 140 or slightly more with pic, fear, angst and snark mixed in.

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  • It seems the first thing we sacrifice on social are the facts. so sad.

  • I shared the following on my FB account and then found myself unfriending people who insisted on trying to convince me that their side was better because the other was evil.

    Hope you don’t mind if I post it here, but it sums things up for me. This fear and loathing is unreal.

    Here it is.


    Some of you are sucking the life right out of
    me. Your constant carping and crying about the guy in office or the one
    who is running for office makes me want to tear out the few remaining
    shreds of hair on my head.

    I can’t keep listening to you talk
    about how bad things are or who hates who. I am not willing to let you
    continue to force feed negative energy down my gullet.

    Sometimes life is hard
    and sometimes it sucks but we do our best to make the best of it and this crap is beyond annoying.

    Stop it. Just stop it.

    Call me what you will but the world isn’t going to end if Obama is reelected nor will it end if Romney moves into office.

    We’ll do what Clint Eastwood talks about in Heartbreak Ridge: “You adapt. You overcome. You improvise.”

    Life finds a way and so do we.


    • I don’t even bother anymore. I don’t think people consider the impact of their words. They share with emotion and anger and passion without thought for the implications.

  • I so could have written this post. I am well over the hatefulness I see in this election–to the point that I hide everything out of my stream on FB and deliberately don’t participate in any political discussion. I cannot wait until November for it to be over.

  • I have had it with both parties, and with the Media spinning like crazy for and against both sides. Like Ken says, the facts and the truth have been sacrificed on the altar of power.

    I wish there were a way that we could be rid of all of them and start from scratch. My primary reason for wanting to change administrations is that maybe, just maybe, someone will do some real housecleaning.

    My big fear is that the cronyism – on both sides of the aisle – has reached a tipping point and that it really doesn’t matter who “wins” the election, because the bureaucracy is *really* in control and since they aren’t elected they can’t be removed.

  • I’m appalled at the lies and the expensive glossy full-color advertising fliers appearing every day at home. Thank Ceiling Cat I don’t have T.V. service! Lying about the other candidate, insulting the thinking ability of the targeted electorate. God have mercy on us.

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