Bald Marketing Brothers of Another Mother

There are so many bald marketing bloggers with glasses. We are the bald marketing brothers of another mother!

We often get mistaken for one another, and we totally kid each other about it every week. In fact, just yesterday I was making a joke about this on Mitch Joel’s Facebook stream.

Here’s a list of my other bald marketing brothers of another mother, at least the ones I most often get mistaken for.

Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino
Image by C.C Chapman

It was Greg Verdino who first introduced me to the phrase “a brother of another mother.” As such, he should be first on the list.

Greg is author of microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small. Greg was head of strategy at Dachis Group. He joined Dachis Group through its acquisition of social agency Powered; and Powered through its acquisition of crayon, the social media consultancy at which he served as Chief Strategy Officer and in which he was a principal.

Find him on Twitter at @gregverdino.

Rick Liebling

Rick Liebling Headshot - orangeblue tie-SM

Rick Liebling (formerly @eyecube) is the Creative Culturalist at Y&R New York. He blogs about branding, marketing, advertising, PR, social media and how they all create, react to and reflect our culture. For more than a decade he’s worked with brands such as Campbell’s, Dell, MasterCard, Gillette, Yahoo!, Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Allstate and Xbox, across the marketing mix – from PR to digital / social and advertising.

You can find him on Twitter at @RickLiebling.

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel
Image by Radian6

Mitch Joel authored Six Pixels of Separation, named after his successful blog and podcast. The book became a business and marketing bestseller. His next book, CTRL ALT DEL will be coming out in Spring 2013.

Out of all of us, Mitch is probably the most successful. His agency is staffed by well over 100 folks, his blog and podcast are well read and cited, and he is a renowned keynote speaker.

You can find Mitch on Twitter at @Mitchjoel.

Adam Broitman

Adam Broitman
Image by John Federico

Adam Broitman is Chief Creative Strategist at Something Massive; The Agency For The Post-PC Era. He is tasked with overseeing the company’s overarching strategic and creative vision, while helping deliver effective, cutting edge solution for Something Massive’s clients. Broitman comes to Something Massive through the acquisition of the firm which he he co-founded three years prior.

Adam writes for industry publications such as iMediaconnection and Mediapost.

You can find Adam on Twitter at @adambroitman.

Have I missed any of my bald brothers? I hope not! LOL.

What do you think of the bald marketing brothers of another mother?

  • adambroitman

    where did you find that funny pic :) Bald is beautiful as evidenced by this post. Well done sir!

    • geofflivingston

      Oh that’s a Flickr pic!

      LOL, I should have linked to that WSJ article about how bald men are perceived as more powerful, too!

    • Greg Verdino

      One man’s beauty is another man’s beast.

      • adambroitman

        fair enough!

  • Mitch Joel – Twist Image

    Ummm… Seth Godin?!?!?

    • geofflivingston

      Good point. He needs to wear glasses more often!

      • Mitch Joel – Twist Image

        I think it’s safe to just call him our Godfather.

      • Greg Verdino

        And perhaps actually market something other than himself more often than once every two decades. (Hello Yoyodyne!) ;-)

        • geofflivingston

          Yowser! LOL.

  • Marjorie Clayman

    So if I wear glasses but have hair, am I a cousin? :D

    • geofflivingston

      No, it’s a clique. We’re high school.

      • Marjorie Clayman

        oh lordy. In that case, I’ll be over in the corner. Sitting by myself….:)

        • Erin Feldman

          Not by yourself! I usually wear contacts, but I can break out the glasses. We’ll form our own clique.

  • doughaslam

    I could have sworn that Scott Monty would have joined your ranks by now. I blame Rogaine

    • geofflivingston

      Rugs are not included.

  • Bob LeDrew
  • Kaarina Dillabough


    • geofflivingston

      Brilliantly shiny?

  • Barrett Rossie

    I’m close to status of bald marketer, but don’t think that will put me in the same league with Mitch Joel, Geoff Livingston, et al. I guess we could put Seth Godin in that group?

    Do you guys ever stand in for each other at conferences, etc? Might make a good prank come April.

    • adambroitman

      Verdino has been standing in for me for years

      il iPhono

  • Mike Williams

    My goal is to get on this list! Bald is what’s happening lol

    • Geoff Livingston

      Looks like you might already belong!

  • Craig McBreen

    I’m a big fan of Mitch Joel’s work (love his podcast) and my first thought was what he wrote. WTH? … No Seth Godin? ;)

    I’ve been telling my wife I’m going to shave my beard and what little I have left on my head. She doesn’t like the idea. Maybe if I do so my status in the blog world will improve. I guess I’ll need the glasses too.

  • Bojan Djordjevic


  • Ralph Dopping

    Bald is soooooo sexy.

    • Jon Buscall

      LOL ! But cold too, here in Sweden

  • Brian D. Meeks

    What a fun post. It was very creative and I hadn’t heard of most of those guys, so I’m looking forward to checking out their blogs.

  • Jon Buscall

    I’d like to join this list :=)

  • Jon Buscall

    Oh, and add Bernie J. Mitchell

  • CC

    and all such hot men!

  • Steve Woodruff

    The height issue is a dead giveaway, but take that factor away and you must include @seanmcginnis

  • Richard Rutter ツ

    It always strikes me how intelligent Seth Godin looks – check below