Riding Alone on the Interwebs

The Steed

It’s been a year now. I’m enjoying my time as a lone consultant.

What I’ve come to realize after 12 years of agency work is that I don’t like working in consultancies. I didn’t really like working in companies and associations before agencies, either.

I like being the boss of me. LOL.

Yet while I’m working alone on the interwebs, I still need other people.

The Power of Collaboration

The value of working with other people lies in knowledge transfer. You have to expose yourself to others in order to see what you’re doing well, and where you can improve.

It’s great to team with people, even ride wing and play a role as someone who is as or more capable than you leads. You learn a ton from people that way.

The last year plus I’ve had such an experience with my co-author Gini Dietrich. While we maintain different views on some things, I learned quite a lot from this savvy PR pro. She has greatly impacted me professionally, and as I said publicly elsewhere, I’ll always be in her debt.

Like Gini, I learned a ton working with the good folks at Razoo over the past 18 months about deploying diverse multichannel campaigns that generate millions of dollars. For that I’m extremely grateful. Along the way, we went from $40 to $100 million in total funds raised.

This fall, I have expanded my portfolio of clients and companies I am working with to include Razoo, Human Equity, a great project with Yum! Brands, and others.

That’s good because I’ll be exposed to more people and their ideas. I’ll also enjoy a new writing initiative, building xPotomac, and participating in other growth experiences via new projects.

The Need to Roam

Rt. 211 Offers Danger

While working with others is awesome, roam I must.

I know this about myself now: Unequivocally, I am a dissident.

I cannot stand to be under one master or person’s domain for very long.Looking back, even in high school and college, even with my very best of friends, I maintained space and independence.

It’s not admirable, but it’s just who I am.

And so building a work life and online circles that allow me the flexibility to roam when I want to has become essential. For me, it’s the basis of freedom.

Consulting alone affords me that flexibility.

I ride wing when the opportunities are worth it, and break free when the need arises. Multiple projects empower changing workloads as the pallet demands (deadlines permitting).

Thus, I choose to live on the edge unaffiliated and unencumbered by any masthead. For now, I ride alone on the interwebs.

How much independence do you like at work?

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