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Welcome to the Fifth Estate by Geoff Livingston

It’s almost been two years since my second book Welcome to the Fifth Estate was published. Because of the compensation issues, time since publishing, and frankly, the plethora of social media and online marketing books out there, it’s time to give it to you for free!

Please feel free to download the book here. The password is “Fifth.” I’m sorry that it’s only available to you in this PDF format. And per the issues link, please forgive any typos.

From a content perspective, the Fifth Estate offers the deepest dive into social media of my three books. Here’s a glimpse:

  • A fantastic introduction from Mashable’s Chief Strategy Officer Adam Ostrow.
  • The first chapter details the media theories driving social networks and communities online.
  • Chapter Four offers perspective into the four types of strategies most frequently used in social networks; participation/community, content, influencer marketing, and crowdsourcing.
  • My former colleague Kami Huyse delivers perhaps the best 20 pages you can imagine on social media measurement in Chapter Six.
  • Chapter Seven offers tips to handle and successfully adapt to rapidly evolving social media.

Enjoy! Feedback is certainly welcome.

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  • http://markfrisk.com/ Mark Frisk

    Hmmm. Went to download link, logged in to Scribd, hit the download button and read this:

    “To download this document you must become a Premium Reader”

    $9 for a day pass; $9 monthly (weird pricing; who would buy a day pass?); $60 for a year.

    Screengrab: http://d.pr/i/XJdu

    • http://markfrisk.com/ Mark Frisk

      I just noticed that on the book page itself, right above the download button in the right column, the PDF and TXT downloads are clearly described as being free:

      “Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free.”

      Screengrab: http://d.pr/i/ilgw

      Nonetheless, clicking the DL button takes you to the aforementioned you-gotta-pony-up page.

    • geofflivingston

      Yes, have been alerted to that. I am working on an alternate download path. Sorry about that!!!

    • geofflivingston
  • http://twitter.com/KDillabough Kaarina Dillabough

    Thanks for sharing this Geoff, and for re-directing us all to the page where we can download. Sharing the info now as well!

    • geofflivingston

      You rock. I appreciate everything you did today, and I’m glad the post worked out well on your blog, too!

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