15 Ways to Restore Your Creativity

Demand Success was a blast, and running Tenacity5 through its inaugural year has been exciting. The work has been intense, and I am starting to lose my creative edge. It’s a challenge all communicators face sooner or later.

Fortunately, I just went on vacation in the Outer Banks, and am likely restoring my mojo. That being said, I really am struggling with writing a significant post on work/rest/life balance, a la Arianna Huffington’s Third Metric. So I mailed it in, and instead am offering this BuzzFeed-esque pictoral, 15 Ways to Restore Your Creativity.

Here we go!

1) Take a Vacation

Nags Head Fishing Pier by Northern Tony.

2) Explore a Different Creative Path

Painter’s Palette by Eli Goren.

3) Meditate


Meditate by Arinna.

4) Go to a Live Event


Natitude and Penants by me.

5) Watch a Movie


Cinemark by Richmond Confidential

6) Hike in Some Place of Natural Beauty

Patagonia River Valley by me

7) Take a Nap


Family Nap by Maciej Dakowicz

8) Watch the Sun Rise or Set


Sunset Over Cameron Run by me.

9) Journal

Journal by Kanghee Rhee

10) Play with Your Kids (if you have them)


Soleil Climbs the Awakening by me

11) Admire Someone Else’s Work


El Ateneo by me.

12) Visit a Museum


Gugenheim Museum Bilbao by Bastian Sander

13) Play a Game


Cards on Parade by Magnus Lundquist

14) Work Out


Image by Ron Sombilon

15) Enjoy Time with Your Partner


Siluetas al amanecer by Juan Paradeda

What would you add?

17 Replies to “15 Ways to Restore Your Creativity”

  1. Whenever I feel I’ve hit the creative wall, I just push through. I force myself to carry my camera everywhere I go and keep shooting. Sooner or later it comes back.

    1. Ha, I wrote this on Wednesday last week before I departed. Read your post, hope it gets you were you need to go, but most importantly, have a great week! Will comment.

    1. Journal writing is really helpful. I am a big fan of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and the journalling exercises she prescribes.

  2. I love this. Of course. Loved the images. It was a mini-break and here’s what just happened in the four minutes prior to my reading this post. I looked up from my laptop and out my window at a stunning view of mountains and trees and realized I’ve been oblivious to this for the past four hours. And I leaned back and then I saw this.
    I’d add – if nothing else, just get up and go take a walk without devices. Enjoy whatever the view is wherever you are.

    1. Thank you, and good point. Presence is really under-valued in this online world. Hope you had a great rest of the day!

    1. I agree with you, Craig. I’ve gotten back into the pend and pad over the past month and it is working well for me.

      In fact, it has also helped with the keyboard and editor, but my digital voice recorder use has taken a notable hit.

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