12 Google+ Headers (Thanks a Million Part II)

I recently passed one million views on Google+, a number that doubled in the past year. This is the second time I have passed a million views on a social network this year, the other being Flickr.

During this time I shifted content production from multiple blog posts a week to produce photos via my 365 Full Frame project, and that has been the primary driver of this grown.

To thank folks for continuing to like and support my photography interests, please find below 12 free Google+ header images. These pictures are my most popular 365 Full Frame photos so far, as rated by 500 Pixels. If you like my photography and want to support the 365 Full Frame Project, please consider a contribution.

And with that, here are the 12 free Google+ headers for your use. Cheers.

1) Las Vegas Strip at Night

Las Vegas Strip at Night for Google+ 2

Grab it!

2) The Lotus Giant

The Lotus Giant for Google+

Grab it!

3) The Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge for Google+

Grab it!

4) Fire Ball

Fire Ball for Google+

Grab it!

5) Purple Zinnia Gets a Visitor

Purple Zinnia Gets a Visitor for Google+

Grab it!

6) Bridge Over the River Cuyahoga

Bridge Over the River Cuyahoga for Google+

Grab it!

7) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Google+

Grab it!

8) From Dawn to Sunrise

From Dawn to Sunrise for Google+

Grab it!

9) Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way for Google+

Grab it!

10) FDR East River Drive

FDR East River Drive for Google+

Grab it!

11) Three Bridge Sunrise

Three Bridge Sunrise

Grab it!

12) Sunset on the Pentagon Marina

Sunset on the Pentagon Marina for Google+

Grab it!

I hope you enjoy your Google+ header. No attribution is necessary, but it’d be fun to know if you used tone. Cheers!

  • Wow, how very generous of you Geoff! Thank you

    • geofflivingston

      Oh, this is the least I can do. People give a lot by continuing to visit and support my photography.

  • You rock! So kind and generous of you. Will be using one and sharing your post as well:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • geofflivingston

      Thank you! I saw that, and I am glad you liked them so much!

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  • Beautiful! A very generous offer. These are a joy to look at :)

    • geofflivingston

      Thank you, Charlotte! It’s really kind of you to say that.

  • Stunning images, Geoff. I used to be a photographer, and have a pretty good Canon Rebel. I keep making excuses not to get back into it. You may have ended that. Thanks!

    • geofflivingston

      Do it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

      • Nothing to lose except timeā€¦ and I don’t own that anyway!

  • Cee Cee Bautista

    This pix are gorgeous, thank you for sharing…

  • Tracy

    your photos are stunning! I am searching for an image to use as a full wall mural in my home and the Vegas strip would be perfect. Do I have your permission for me to use this photo in this way?, thanks

  • tim

    can I use the vegas picture commercially?