Will Media Make Our Children Think Differently?

Image by Toca Boca Semantic data, smaller screens, texting, social media, short videos, network update streams, augment reality, and more continue to evolve the way we receive information from both new and traditional email. As each new innovation arrives and evolves, people ask whether or not the new XXXX is harming our youth. Will they will be unable to think logically or effectively? Perhaps the right way to look at this is to ask whether they will think differently. Inevitably, the answer is yes. Their media information environment is dramatically different than the childhood we remember so fondly. Currently, there is much concern about literacy, and the state of language with texting and short form media. In actuality, what new […]

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Writing A Book… Again

Gini Dietrich’s reaction after one week of working with me I’m happy to announce that I’m writing a new book, this time with Gini Dietrich and with a new publisher, Pearson. The topic is… Not social media! Yay! What a relief. How many social media books can one person write? I mean geez, I was thinking about writing a book on the Winklevosses, but I think it might have been done already. BUT like every other blogger, we just did the, “We’re writing a book” post. As if you care. LOL. It’s a little weird because we can’t tell you what we’re writing about. BUT, rest assured, if you are reading this blog, you will find it useful. As to […]

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Revolutions: Internet Freedom Steps Into the Limelight

Tokyo’s Libya Protest by jetalone Secretary of State Clinton made a speech last week committing to the ideal of an uncensored Internet as a primary tool for freedom. Her remarks — while in contrast to U.S. reactions about Wikileaks and the Obama Administration’s questionable policies on net neutrality — were made in the wake of the incredible events that have occurred in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other Arabic countries. As a result, liberty via the Internet has become a top policy objective. Throughout the Middle East’s unrest, individuals have used the Internet to communicate, speak out, and organize against totalitarian regimes in their countries. Further, citizens in Arabic countries can inform the rest of the world via social publishing tools, […]

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The El Show Episode 50: Wikileaks and More

Episode 50 featured Richard Laermer and me . Here’s a breakdown of the episode conversation: After two minutes of technical difficulties, we got under way. The debatable choice of Mark Zuckerberg as TIME Man of the Year Don’t Ask Don’t Tell goes away Great to see Congress working well to pass meaningful legislation Do Not Track and Net Neutrality progress What does 50 shows mean? We talk about a year and a half! The Fidel Castro Wikileak cable on medical care: Michael Moore is full of shiznay A better society as a result of Wikileaks? Madoff – The secretary is on trial, and how the financial recovery process is coming along GM’s Chris Barger declares the social media bubble is […]

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The El Show Episode 49: Wikileaks vs. Klout

Episode 49 featured Richard Laermer and me chatted about Wikileaks vs Klout and more. Here’s a breakdown of the episode conversation: Richard Holbrook’s passing Wikileaks versus Klout, Influence vs. Idiocy Wikileaks exists because journalists aren’t doing their jobs (contrary to the New York Times opinions) What if Wikileaks had told us in 2003 that there were no weapons of mass destruction Big reveals about Afghanistan & Nigeria Wikileaks enforcement by PayPal The cyberwar against abusive companies punishing Wikileaks: civil disobedience or not? Obama’s public relations gaffe with Bill Clinton Geoff’s waste of time at the DC Klout-Up Klout’s buying the marketing blogsphere Download or listen to the El Show Episode 48 today! Also available on iTunes!

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The El Show Episode 48: Industry Kvetching & the Holidays

Episode 48 featured Richard Laermer and me talking about punk social media and whether or not it’s an oxymoron. Here’s a breakdown of the episode conversation: Martin Scorsese on wit and humor The same conversation year after year… Scaling and rating influence, does it work?

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