The El Show Episode 41: Nazis Playing Frisbee

Episode 41 started off quivering about the Pet Shop Boys, theater and the Expendables. Richard Laermer hung out with the Pet Shop Boys, and they like Eminem. Richard discussed the theater, then Geoff joined the conversation with an epic rant about Washington theater. We discussed Richard Wagner, and Nazis playing frisbee. It’s so wrong! When people ask us to do things for free, the recession is really bad. Things are bad right now, says Richard. Philadelphia charges bloggers $300 to exist in the city. The Emmys happened and Breaking Bad won, but Conan O’Brien didn’t. The Tea Party is funded by the richest people in the right The New York newspaper game, from the Wall Street Journal to the New […]

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The El Show Episode 40: Progress Is a Slog

Episode 40 starting off with a brief celebration of our 40th episode. Then our show was about a bunch of issues and tensions in society which show progressive tension. Same sex marriage banned again by the federal courts One fifth of Pakistan is flooded, and no one cares. The lack of empathy is horrifying for the 900,000 homeless and 1500 dead. Expendables are #1! Why? How many steroids does it take to be one… A quality movie on the market is Get Low. Do we really care about SxSW panel picking? We’re not even promoting the panels we’re on…SxSW panel voting is a link bait, popularity contest to select lesser content. CitizenGulf is coming August 25th, and Richard and I […]

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How to Host Your Own CitizenGulf Event

Dear Friends: Do you want to make a difference for the Gulf region communities affected by the oil spill, but don’t know how? Both Gulf Coast Benefit and Social Media Club have decided to sponsor Citizen Effect’s CitizenGulf project. The effort has become a National Day of Action on August 25th, in alignment with the week of the fifth anniversary of Katrina. You can host your own local benefit! The benefit — to be promoted by Gulf Coast Benefit — will help fishing families find a new, more sustainable future by providing education resources for their children. Catholic Charities of New Orleans is the beneficiary of all CitizenGulf National Day of Action donations. Citizen Effect will send 100% of donations, […]

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Getting Ready to Open CitizenGulf

Next week on Monday night we will open the CitizenGulf project to the general public. On Thursday, we will be discussing this with the Social Media Club membership in Richmond, VA. Our goal is to create a nonprofit program to benefit fishing families who have lost their way of life thanks to the oil spill. Here are my thoughts going into next week.

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The El Show Episode 37: First Hand Accounting from the Gulf

Episode 37 of the El Show discussed the developing Gulf situation based on Geoff’s first-hand research. Here’s the breakdown of Episode 37: Richard’s heading to Tel Aviv for business! Geoff’s takeaways from the Gulf, including how bad the environmental disaster is and the Obama administration’s performance (photos here) The PR Snow Job that we’re getting in the Gulf The plight of unlicensed fishing families Next steps for the citizengulf campaign What was TEDxOilSpill and why should we care? Is the TEDx brand elitist? What happened to the Superman franchise? Something positive this week… Download or listen to the El Show Episode 37 today! Also available on iTunes!

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The El Show Episode 36: Obama and Hemingway (Why Not?)

Episode 36 of the El Show featured McCain’s possible fall from electoral success, should Obama even run in 2012, and writers (what makes one). Here’s the breakdown of Episode 36: McCain runs out of political capital The state of political dissatisfaction Should Obama not run in 2012? Issues with tissues. Geoff explains why, Richard throws some cold water on Geoff to wake him up! Pundits in Mass Media don’t matter as much anymore . Hollywood dreams to be a writer, but what does that mean? The Moveable Feast writing era of Hemingway and Paris in the 1920s Summer is here: Richard is heading to Tel Aviv, Israel! Geoff reads Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises: “Brett was damned good-looking. She wore […]

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