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  • Guest

    SO TRUE! I started blogging for fun and not caring about any SEO, just plain ol’ original content about nonsensical stuff and had a good 100 loyal readers. I was happy with that, but in reality that is a microscopic speck, but I didn’t care because it was FUN and I loved sharing my thoughts. THEN when I started blogging for my real estate business, I noticed while reading other agents blogs how scripted and repetitive everything was and I soon learned why: SEO. Boooooo! So now I feel in order to “keep up with the agents” I have to succumb to this, which is hard bc I enjoy writing fun content. So needless to say, I’m trying my best to stay true to my writing style all while implementing the necessary items to gain visitors to our site. Not happy about it, but what are the alternatives when you’re going up against those who could care less about the content they put out on the web, they just want results?

    • Serena Heuser

      Darn. posted this in the wrong spot. :(

  • Laurie Livingston

    Your piece on your experience with anti-semitism is very moving, and brought me to tears. I will be forwarding it, and hope you have shared it with all Livingstons via email, and emailed to the ADL. My brother, Richard, forwarded it to me, and I am glad.