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Big Data, Influencers, Privacy and Other Digital Termites

Image by NEXT Berlin Andrew Keen remains the most constant and prolific critic of digital media advances and their impact on society. His books Digital Vertigo and Cult of the Amateur have made him a bit of a pariah in some circles, and an intellectual hero in others. He was the ideal choice to close xPotomac on February 25, as the conference discussed future technologies. This podcast offers a sneak preview, which is also transcribed below… We got into all sorts of fun things, including big data, influencers, privacy and other digital termites. GL: Well, we’re really excited to have you here in D.C. and I can’t wait to see you. First of all, for people that don’t know you, […]

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Listen to the Fifth Estate for Free

In the past three days, Chapters 6 and 7 of Welcome to the Fifth Estate have been podcasted, completing the reading of the book. Welcome to the Fifth Estate is now available for listeners in its entirety for free. Below please find a list of podcast episodes. In addition to making the book available for free, the next few weeks include three live virtual appearances: Danny Brown’s blog this Thursday at 12 EST for a live chat Google+ Hangout open conversation on Thursday, August 18th at 12 EST (in drag, per the successful conclusion of the Punish Geoff Fundraiser) Marketing Profs webinar on Measurement and Sustainability Thursday, August 25th at 12 EST If you’d like to discuss the book and […]

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Listen to Welcome to the Fifth Estate for Free

Image by DeclanTM As promised, Welcome to the Fifth Estate is being made avalailable to you for free via podcast. Each podcast is roughly 1/2 to 1/3 of a chapter, and approximately 15 minutes in length. The Fifth Estate Podcast will be posted every week by Friday until the book is completed. As the author and narrator, please excuse little hiccups. This is not a professional audiobook reading! The first Welcome to the Fifth Estate podcast was posted today. It opens by discussing several media trends: The overall market trends for digital media including the Like economy as presented in the introduction by Mashable Editor in Chief Adam Ostrow An epiphany of realizing that social media is unavoidable Understanding citizen […]

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The El Show Episode 23: Spring Is Coming!!!

Episode 23 of the El Show began with a discussion of Spring and then the calamity in Chile. We then went into a variety of topics from Canada and SxSW and Sea World and funding. Here’s a breakdown of Episode 23: Spring is coming, and it can’t happen soon enough Chilean earthquake: Prayers and thoughts Canada and its great win Speaking of Spring… SxSW – It’s time for the geek party The Health Summit – Will it spark a bill finally? A woman is still 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man Sea World in crisis: A discussion of how they handled it. The Wild Chase for Funding – Revenue vs Funding Download or listen to […]

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