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  • An Honest Review of the Fuji XT-3

    When it became clear the Nikon Z6 was tragically flawed with both major autofocus issues and intentionally stunted device (hello one slot), I passed and bought a Fuji XT-3. While a crop sensor device, the XT-3, and its newer sister XT-4 are often lauded as comparable to many full-frame cameras. After more than a year …

  • What Kind of Photographer Are You?

    People often ask me, “What type of photographer are you?” I offer a little glib reply, something like, “I shoot whatever I find interesting.” I resist labeling myself because labels carry inherent dangers. Once a photographer becomes classified, people have a hard time reconciling variances beyond that genre. As a semi-pro (I shoot for pay …

  • A Virtual Visit to Havana

    Continuing our COVID 19 series of virtual visits to fun lands or ideal destinations, this episode of the Show Me Podcast takes visitors to the gorgeous exotic lands of Havana, Cuba. Whether you prefer audio, video or a photo essay, let me take you there.

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