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  • Isolation Project – 10 New Images

    My friend Richard Binhammer published a new series of my isolation street photographs with Binhammer Photographs. These are arguably my best 10 isolation shots taken in the past year. In early 2018 I was fortunate enough to have ten of my street photographs featured in ExposedDC’s Crystal City Exhibit. These ten photos were hung on …

  • Real People Affected by the Shutdown

    Last week Kirth Bobb and I published our Shutdown Stories Project.¬† The project was well received by local and national media, with coverage provided by WUSA-9, Nikon Rumors, PetaPixel and Exposed DC. As the Shutdown continues, we’re continuing to look at continuing our photographic documentation of the ongoing crisis. Our concern¬†for our family, neighbors, and …

  • The Shutdown Stories Project

    The federal shutdown affects the entire region Washington, DC region, hurting our neighbors, friends, and families. Without our federal workforce, local services suffer, national air travel becomes difficult, and our Smithsonian museums and national parks close. Federal workers have become unwilling pawns. Perhaps most dehumanizing the media and certain politicians relegate these great individuals as …

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