Choose Your Blog Post Topics Wisely

Every week, Copywrite Inc.’s Rich Becker and I discuss a blogging best practice on BlogStraightTalk, a Bumpzee community. This week we discussed the recent iPhone pricing controversy, and the ensuing slew of related blog posts.


The conversation evolved quickly out of iPhones and into does it make sense for bloggers — particularly business-centric bloggers — to post on such trendy topics? It’s easy to get caught in the excitement of such a widespread event. When trendy topics happens, everybody loves to blog about them.

But in the end, this may not be the best thing for your blog. Readers expect certain content, and in the thrill of the moment, a trendy post may stray from the blog’s mission. Here were our top takes:


  • When you write about deeply covered topics, the shelf life is much shorter than that of topics that aren’t covered as much.
  • Sometimes you cannot see the whole picture if you post too early on a topic just because it seems hot. I wanted to see more before posting on it.
  • When you do pick a hot topic (which we do from time to time), it always makes sense to lend something new to the conversation.


  • Many bloggers mimic the A-List and follow the memes of the day. And those blog posts may get “dugg,” but they will not build a loyal readership.
  • The best way to get a loyal readership is to develop subject matter expertise and deliver it to the masses or the few via your blog. Substance stands out.
  • Whatever you do with content, think for the long term, and what will matter to your readers.

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