Now Is Gone Available on Amazon

Nowbadge Now is Gone is on and is available for pre-orders. Woo hoo!

Release date has not been officially set yet. And many have asked for autographed copies. We’re working out a way to make that happen. Details on these are forthcoming this week.

Social Media All-Star Brian Solis helped me shape the book’s direction, and wrote a killer introduction. Now Is Gone seeks to help businesses embrace Social Media intelligently. Readers can learn if their organization is ready, how to begin, the predominant participation is marketing approach that other businesses are using, social media marketing strategies, and general social media insights.

In addition to best practices, the book is laced with case studies that demonstrate corporate successes. This primer provides the quickest way for executives and entrepreneurs to figure out social media marketing.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this one! As a marketing professor, it is very challenging to find sources (outside of blogs) that I can use in the classroom to help students see the potential business applications of social media. This will certainly provide some great information — especially in my classes in Online Visibility and Social Networking, as well in our Internet-based marketing class.

    I’ve got local PR Agencies grabbing onto our marketing students to intern for them — and in the process asking the students to provide context around facebook and myspace for their clients. So many people are trying to figure this out and it is a moving target.

    Looking forward to taking a look at the book and will be using some of the case studies you have posted here as resources as well!

    Elaine Young
    Associate Professor
    Marketing and e-Business Management

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