BlogOrlando Kicks Off with NASA Cape Canaveral Tour

The blogerati met the day before BlogOrlando for a tour of NASA’s Cape Canaveral facility. There were so many great minds it was humbling. What a pleasure to finally meet Chris Heuer, Shel Israel, Josh Hallett, Jake McKee, David Parmet and Connie Reece in person. Plus there were new folks (for me) like Kristie Wells, Dave Coustan, Erik Hersman and Annie Heckenberger.

Here’s a great photo from Josh Hallett‘s flickr collection.


And a little YouTube action. I lost a hilarious moment with Heuer, Parmet and Israel together, but I’m still learning how to use the Flip for easy vlogging!

Later that night, we had dinner and I got to meet Joe Thornley and Jim Hathaway. In addition, I got to break bread next to Shel Israel (who graciously autographed my book today). Shel’s a great guy, and we had some pretty interesting discussions on PR, as well as the increasingly subtle differences between journalists and bloggers. Thanks to Jim for the excellent photo.




  • Thanks for the recap and cool video. Proof that bloggers know how to have fun!

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  • Great meeting you, Geoff, and thanks for shooting some video. Have you published more extended thoughts on the Flip somewhere yet? I know David Parmet uses one as well. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but my gadget pockets are already always full and I’d love to hear about how often you end up really using it instead of taking stills.

  • Oooh, me too — I want to know about the Flip. Great meeting you and your video gadget … and the Scrabble Tweet-up was a blast!

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