Tentative November 12 Release Date Set

Nowbadge2 It looks like November 12 will be the day that Now Is Gone will ship. We are still ironing out last edits and proofs, but it’s looking good. Once the date is 100 percent certain, we’ll issue a press release.

Autographed Copies

Several parties have asked about autographed copies. There are a couple of issues with this. With Amazon orders we have no way of knowing which book will go to which buyer. So managing the logistics with Amazon is impossible.

If you want me to autograph a copy, Bartleby Press will set up its own online purchase mechanism with a discount. I will drive to Olney, MD and autograph all copies of Now Is Gone personally. Additionally, I am planning an invite-only book signing party in the Greater Washington area.

For a Brian Solis autographed copy, you will need to contact Brian and send a copy to him. Connect with Brian on Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce or Facebook. Or you can go hear Brian speak (which he does frequently).

In order to have Brian sign all copies he would have to fly from SF to DC, and that would cost almost $1000 including hotel. To be frank, you don’t make money on books (see Marketing Now Is Gone), so we are not eager to incur unnecessary additional expenses.

Thank you for your patience with the delays to date. The publisher wants to endure you get a good product!



  • Guess I’ll wait ’til I run into you again and you can sign my dog-eared, highlighted copy!

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  • Geoff,

    Could getting a book from idea to the shelf take any longer? Good thing most businesses don’t operate like publishing.

  • You got that right, Lewis. I think the word Painful comes to mind when I think of this process… The hardest part is the incredible swift turnaorunds on our side, met only by long periods of non-action…

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