Corporate Social Media Links: Three New Case Studies

The Gates Foundation has been using a wide variety of social media tools to get the word out: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube videos. The goal: Change perception of Generation Y towards education issues for the forthcoming presidential election. The results?  More than 80K YouTube views, significant community development on Facebook and MySpace, and 4,000 information kits ordered.

Kyle Flaherty brought us this Social Media Case Study: CMP’s TechMash. This was a micro campaign targeted at a very small community.  What I liked about it was that it used a variety of social media tools to produce an actionable result: with direct access to more than 100 people to attend the TechMash show next year. Kyle’s goal is to continue this effort and garner 400 by spring time.

Yesterday, Todd Defren wrote up another example of a social media news release from Eurekstar.  Lots of juicy links in here, photos and even an embedded video.  The SMNR has viral enablers with email, tags, etc.  In short, the ability to “easily re-purpose and broadly share this news” is what makes this news release form so exciting. It would be great if Todd came back and amended the study with some coverage or resulting posts.

All three of these case studies are permanently linked to on our case studies tab. If you have a case study you would like highlighted here, email me at geoff [at] livingstonbuzz [dot] com.