Autographed Copies from Geoff Livingston Now Available

nowisgone Many folks have asked for autographed copies of Now Is Gone.  You can get a Geoff Livingston autographed copy of the book directly from Bartleby Press. Bartleby is also offering a 20 percent discount ($11.95), which Amazon has yet to match.

For a Brian Solis autographed copy, you will need to contact Brian and send a copy to him. Connect with Brian on Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce or Facebook. Or you can go hear Brian speak (which he does frequently).

Per earlier discussion on this topic, in order to have Brian sign all copies he would have to fly from SF to DC, and that would cost almost $1000 including hotel. To be frank, you don’t make money on books (see Marketing Now Is Gone), and we are not eager to incur unnecessary additional expenses.