Back Cover Reviews

The first reviews of the book are in, which will appear on the back cover of the book. We like to leak things out here to give those actively interested in the book an early taste of what is to come. A big thank you to David, Debbie, Kevin, Valeria and Chris who took the time on short notice to read an early galley copy.

Here are the quotes:

“In the old days, you had to beg your way into people’s minds through the media as your mouthpiece or buy your way in with expensive advertising. Now Is Gone shows executives and entrepreneurs the new way to get the attention you deserve—publish your way in with social media. In an approachable and engaging style, Now Is Gone lays out a compelling case for what PR has become in an interconnected world. And he does it without all of the confusing gobbledygook and jargon that so many so-called ‘experts’ toss around.”

David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Now Is Gone is an indispensable primer on how companies can use social media to practice PR 2.0. The revolution is here! This book tells you how – and why – to join it now.”

Debbie Weil, corporate and CEO blogging consultant and author of The Corporate Blogging Book

“Whether you’re experimenting with social media and ready to get serious or starting from scratch, Now Is Gone is a smart, strategic starting point. The book is rich with relevant examples of the new ways to communicate – collected from some of the world’s leading authorities on social media.”

– Kevin M. Dugan, APR, author of Strategic Public Relations and co-author of the award-winning Bad Pitch Blog

Now Is Gone is a must read for anyone who is considering wading into the waters of social media. The case studies and short hand in each chapter are great reminders of the power of conversation even for those of us who have been doing it for a while. Share it with your team and your agency, it will be a productive departure to craft your own strategy.”

— Valeria Maltoni, author of The Conversation Agent blog

“Don’t be misled by the title, NOW is your chance to learn what you need to know to be successful with Social Media. Now is your chance to change how you engage with your customers and Now is your chance to gain a competitive advantage by embracing the principles in this book. If not now, you most certainly will be forced to catch up to your competition later…”

Chris Heuer, founder and president of the Social Media Club