Three New Case Studies

There are three new case studies housed here on Now Is Gone.

The Gold Group brought is Five Lessons Learned from the SIGGART campaign, a social media effort revolving around eco-friendly water containers. I love case studies that feature hard numbers. Check this out:

SIGGART drew more than 12,000 visits from about 8,000 people. Each visit was a whopping 17 minutes on average; compare with Nielsen’s most recent benchmark of 49 seconds per average U.S. web visit. In total, SIGGART was viewed for 204M user-minutes or, we’d like to offer, 204 mums.

Lewis Green documented how blogging has benefited his business. How is this for hard numbers? “L&G Business Solutions increased revenues by 100 percent in 2007 over 2006, 40 percent of that due to the blog attracting new clients as well as referrals and leads…. [Blogging] accounts for about 25 percent of the marketing budget (includes time) and 40 percent of the revenues.”

Last, but not least is Dell’s Incredible Turnaround, which was written up here yesterday. Moving from Jarvis’s Dell Hell to an intense social media campaign over the ensuing two years, to having Jarvis laud Dell in BusinessWeek = the greatest brand image reversal to date in the social media world. Kudos to the Dell team. I like this one because ROI can be more than just sales. Dell was not a well-liked company out here two years ago, and they’ve done a 180 in two years.