Sample this Media Snack

Every Dot Connects Diva Connie Reece tagged me on a meme passed on to her through Connie Benson (who was tagged by originator Jeremiah Owyang).

Jeremiah’s original question was “Do you respect media snackers… folks who consume small bits of information, data or entertainment when, where and how the want. If you want to be part of their lives you’ve got to respect them.”

My response is in video below (teaser: there’s a hidden media snack at the end). But before we start, I must tag my six: Kami Huyse, Todd Defren, Sarah Wurrey, Kyle Flaherty, Jane Quigley and Doug Meacham (three of six from Beantown, a heavy Boston contingent to represent the Red Sox). Their answers will be posted below.

For another take on the media snack, check out this excellent analysis from Lee Hopkins.

33 Replies to “Sample this Media Snack”

  1. Geoff,
    This was so amazing! What a talent you have. I retweeted it. Thanks for joining the meme!

    It’s fun sharing blogging time (even if it’s late sometimes)

  2. Geoff, this is snackalicious! Great illustration to make your point about media snacking … and I’m sure your pets loved it! :)

    You’ve tagged some great people, and I look forward to hearing their opinions as well.

  3. Thank you, Connie B. I enjoyed your post, too. Andrea, good to see you here. Connie, Junior looks a little wider for it ;)

  4. Oooh, the pet thing. Maybe I’ll trot out my CUUUTE little 5 month old scottish terrier puppy. And his equally gorgeous mom :-) Not me, the other bitch….

    Seriously, nice take on the meme. Question I keep coming back to is, how can we get snackers to sit down at the table…

  5. Love this take on snacking. In retrospect, snacking seems to be the form for the great portion of the offline interactions most people I know have – 2 to 4 minute interactions of critical information, conveyed in a form that is both readily digestible and highly customized. In this light, I wonder whether frequent snacks might effectively replace three squares a day. My nutritionist, it seems, is correct.

  6. Followed you in from the digital breadcrumbs via Jeremiah’s original posting…

    The previous people have already said what I feel but great stuff – love the pet illustration!


    MediaSnackers Founder

  7. Jeremiah, as always an honor to have you here. Thanks for starting this off with your excellent post.

    DK, thanks for coming by. You and Jeremiah have started something fun.

    Mike: Great dog! Thanks for sharing the photo.

    Susan: Where’s your photo? Send me the link!

    Doug and Joe: Thanks for the drive by, and glad you enjoyed.

    Ed: A 15 second snack may be tasty indeed. Unfortunately, we do not serve those here. At least not yet. ;) But thank you for coming by anyway.

  8. I like to think of the jots as snacks, not everyone has the time to read everything, so they can stop by and digest small bits….Sorry for the slow response, I am at PodCamp Boston this weekend!

  9. Yeah, I think it’s the pet thing ;) Old advertising trick was to always use a cute monkey. A pug is better than a monkey. I may need to start featuring Junior in more videos.

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