Dell Shares Expands Social Media Beyond Marketing

clip_image00211We wrote up Dell’s fantastic social media success to date two weeks ago.  It only make sense for Dell to expand that conversation into other realms of its business, and sure enough here comes Dell Shares, an investor relations blog.

The investor relations communications function that deals with the public in sometimes sensitive ways. But it’s still a two-way dialogue. And Dell Shares is meant to serve a particular community within the larger Dell circle of influence.

Lynn A. Tyson, Dell’s vice president of Investor Relations is the lead blogger, so interested parties will be getting someone pretty senior. You expect Dell Shares to expand the Dell Listens mission to its financial matters.  Dell says the blog will handle Qs from investors, potential investors or anyone who has any questions about the company’s financial affairs. Talk about transparency.

We asked Lynn what she hopes to achieve with Dell Shares:

We have watched and learned from our communications colleagues and believe Dell shares makes information more accessible while offering us and participants the benefit of talking listening and learning about Dell and financial information.

In her first post, Lynn says, “It is an opportunity for us to go beyond posting information on the investor relations section at and to be accessible and available, share perspectives and build and maintain relationships with our investors, potential investors and anyone and everyone who is interested in joining the conversations here. Dell Shares is not just about us and Dell financial information.  It is also about you.”

We’ll see how it goes, but you have to imagine that the blog has to benefit from all of Dell’s prior social media experience.