SMC Austin: Connie Reece Talks About Tools

Connie Reece built a wiki to demonstrate all of the social media tools. She takes us through a couple of them.

Twitter:  The value is anytime, anywhere.  Connie calls it her virtual water cooler, and takes us through some of the messages.  Twitter is a great way to start a relationship and getting to know them. Many relationships begin there, and then extend into the brick & mortar world.

Connie talks about friending policies and how to engage.  Some folks like Robert Scoble and Chris Brogan friend most everyone and respond to them, too. Shel Israel is much more selective.

It’s important to jump into the stream and jump out.  Using tools like the reply button allows for larger community management.  We take a tour of the public timeline. Twittervision provides a global map of updates.  There are numerous tools.


Utterz: A new social media tool, which allows you to do really quick posts and updates in audio, video and text.  It issues a quick URL and sends it to Twitter.  SMC fans take issue with standard phrase “I just uttered.”

Tumblr: This offers the repository, a life stream of everything that Connie does online.  This a great place for Connie to go back and find something that she may have forgotten.

Facebook: It’s got a lot of apps., a lot of fun, and yeah, a contact manager, too. More than 5000 apps. — mostly irrelevant — makes it a crazy place. Connie says Chris Brogan and Jeff Pulver are great folks to follow or friend in Facebook.  They offer great examples of how to. Poking is the new way od saying, “What’s up!”

Connie says a lot of the tools are now redundant, and reminds us that its about the people, not the technology.