SMC Austin: Heuer on the New Communications

Chris Heuer frames his conversation by showing the “Break-up.” Included below.

Heuer cites that marketing in social media is supposed to be context, contacts, communications and collaboration (four cs). Context is why are we coming together. Social media returns us to the humanity of relationships. It puts faces on companies.

Chris discusses the abstract corporation, and the way attack terms are used to discuss marketing. Use of war terms in corporate campaigns includes target, campaign, tactic, air cover and corporation.

The illusion of control persists throughout the corporation. Consider customer relationship management. Consider how the media used to be the end of the word. Newspapers used to be the fact, the end. In reality, everything has changed to make it a conversation.

Marketers are considered worse than sales people says Heuer. Marketing is considered as a cost center. That’s going to change as the conversation era proceeds and companies need social media to interact with their customers.

Old school values come into play: Looking and listening are critical components for the marketing of the future. You have to be able to search and find the communities that care about your company. Then you have to listen to them. Listening is essential before speaking.

It’s a gut check for companies. What do we have to do differently to participate, to engage intelligently? Are we aligned with the community. Can we join the community and contribute?