Now Is Gone Podcast Series #3: Message Control

Brian Solis and I wrap our first group of podcasts on the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in the book Now Is Gone, number three focuses on Message Control (16 minutes).

In Message Control Brian Solis and I discuss:

  • Message control is the antithesis of social media, which enables people to communicate
  • The video “The Break-Up” serves as the ideal example of this culture clash

  • Companies will lose their customer relationships if they don’t learn how to speak with them
  • Marketing departments have a really hard time letting go of message control as an ethos
  • Newer cultures have an easier time adopting versus more established companies and marketing departments who “mastermind messages”
  • Jennifer McClure’s work with New Communications Review does a great job providing actual data showing the benefits of participating in conversations versus message control
  • Doc Searls, “There’s no market for messages” and Phil Gomes extrapolation on no market.

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We will resume our Now Is Gone podcast series after the Thanksgiving holiday.