Amazon Delays

amazon logo Several folks received emails today from Amazon indicating they will not receive Now Is Gone until November 26th for the U.S., and December 5th for European Union customers.

First of all, let me apologize for this up front. A confluence of issues have occurred:

1) Amazon played the launch conservatively, and underestimated the demand from the past few days. The book has been a top ten seller in its category off and on since Friday, and consecutively for the past 16 hours.

2) To ensure a timely book that wasn’t outdated, we rushed Now Is Gone from drafting to print. This took a total of seven months from concept to completion, and as a result we did not get finished books until last Wednesday. In turn, our initial shipments to Amazon will not arrive until today. The publisher tells me all of the orders for the books have been shipped, and feels they are being overly conservative in their shipping estimates.

These distribution issues with Amazon will be resolved shortly. However, in the interim the book is available immediately from Bartleby Press. These will ship on the same day orders are received (but without autographs). Bartleby also indicates that the book should be available on Barnes & Noble this week.

If this has caused a problem for anyone, please contact me directly at geoff [at] livingstonbuzz [dot] com so we can make it right. Thanks, and again, my apologies.