Corporate Australia Hungry for Social Media Info

Shel Israel has done a lot of research on behalf of SAP on the adoption of social media globally. In his discussions this fall, he has indicated that country by country, the result is the same: Younger generations are flocking towards conversational media forms. Now come reports fleehopkins04rom Australia that the business community has noticed.

 Lee Hopkins, Australia’s premier independent PR blogger, noted in an earlier post today that he is getting inundated with requests for knowledge on social media.  In the comments section, fellow Australian social media expert Mark Bradley concurs. Companies through Australia want to know more. From Lee’s post:

The clients that I speak with are all really keen to know about Social Media, and want to start considering how they are going to fit it within their communications matrix. But we all know how slowly the wheels can move in large corporations, don’t we.

Yet it is precisely the large corporates that have the resources to splash a few dollars at this and see ‘what sticks’. As my colleague Mrs Jones says, “I wonder if the public would see blogs as more credible if they knew that media were scouring them for story ideas and sources?”

Something tells me that somewhere someone ‘big’ is about to launch an initiative… I have no evidence to back me up other than just my intuition.

There’s been a number of us making presentations behind the scenes — very shortly one of those presentations will ‘take root’ and give flower.

It appears that Now Is Gone in Australia, too.  Thank you, Lee for allowing this re-use of your content.