November’s Most Influential Bloggers

blogoffirelarger.jpgMy completely shameless monthly exercise in subjective measures of greatness…the Most Influential Blogger post. Winners get complimentary Blogs of Fire T-Shirts.

This list changes quite a bit from month-to-month, ranking by cumulative score allows for a better picture of my most influential bloggers. And this also creates a nice year end post. Year-to date rankings are at the bottom.

November’s Top Five are…..

1) PR Squared’s Todd Defren has demonstrated some serious leadership in a time when his firm came under fire from Marshall Kirkpatrick and Chris Andersen. His ability to not only address the problems, but create solutions, his continued commitment to ethical communications, and his willingness to tackle tough issues continue to impress me. Here’s to you, Todd. Trial by fire suits you well.

2) Valeria Maltoni has had a great month, too. She just looks at social media from a very pragmatic standpoint, that of an internal comms director. She also really gets into things. Look at how she has plunged into twitter, and what she gets out of it. Always a good read.

3) Shel Israel. Yup, back on the list. Just because he is who he is. I listen to him, enjoy his candor, our conversations, and his undying enthusiasm for social media. I often think of becoming a recovering PR person, too. Shel walks the talk, too, and you can never underestimate that! Consider all the work he’s doing to highlight global social media adoption.

4) Brian Oberkirch has had a particularly prescient month. Most importantly, Brian reminds me not to take myself too seriously. His writing style is mirthful and candid. His points are savvy and right on without a lot of self absorbed pontification.

5 tie) Kami Huyse, the queen of measurement, continues to beat the drum, and perhaps really focus this industry on some quality issues. As usual, a hat tip for Kami.

5 tie) Brian Solis: Great posts on blogger relations this month, plus PR roundtable contributions were excellent. We actually talk about and use Brian’s stuff in our practice so that in its own right is a pretty strong endorsement. I’ve had a lot of fun with our Now Is Gone podcasts, too.

Quick recap:

October’s top five in order were Kami Huyse, Chris Brogan, Anthony Williams, Brian Solis, and Chris Heuer.

September’s top five in order were Jeremiah Owyang, Toby Bloomberg, Shel Holtz, Ike Pigott, and Seth Godin.

August’s were Valeria Maltoni, Rich Becker, Shel Israel, Toby Bloomberg, and Eric Eggertson.

July’s were Brian Oberkirch, Chris Heuer, Kevin Dugan, Jeremiah Owyang, and Kami Huyse.

Yes, continued link love for the rest of the year for all noted parties.

Blogger of the Year

For the Blogger of the Year ranking: Five points for first place down to one for fifth place, and cumulating the score. Our weighted 2007 ranking so far…

  • Valeria Maltoni – 9
  • Kami Huyse – 7
  • Brian Oberkirch – 7
  • Jeremiah Owyang – 7
  • Toby Bloomberg -6
  • Shel Israel – 6
  • Todd Defren – 5
  • Chris Heuer – 5
  • Rich Becker – 4
  • Chris Brogan – 4
  • Anthony Williams – 3
  • Kevin Dugan – 3
  • Shel Holtz – 3
  • Brian Solis – 3
  • Ike Pigott -2
  • Eric Eggertson – 1
  • Seth Godin – 1

Right now Valeria Maltoni is shaping up to be my most influent blogger of the year! It’s a tight race, though. Anyone from Chris Heuer and Todd Defren on up is in the running. It just takes one first place finish!!!