More Bloggers on Now Is Gone

BlogWork’s Rajesh Lalwani wrote up the book last Monday for the PR community in India.

Rajesh says:

So what does it mean for the reader?

  1. The book introduces Social Media, the benefits, and the importance of engaging with influencers and customers directly
  2. Explains the new culture of two-way conversational marketing
  3. Inspires and shapes social media strategies to successfully engage communities
  4. Highlights some of the more common social media promotion tools
  5. Reveals cultural hurdles a company must face before starting social media outreach
  6. Provides ways to manage the rapid evolution of social networks and technologies

This morning Communicators Anonymous’ Lauren Vargas reviewed the book and said:

Currently, I use The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott as a teaching tool/primer of social media. Now is Gone is a natural evolution of Meerman’s premise. Each book reads with a very different voice and cannot be substituted for the other. The outline,flow and parting comments of each [Now Is Gone] chapter makes an easy and valuable read.

I couldn’t agree more. I found the New Rules to be a great book. David Meerman Scott’s book was cited several times in Now Is Gone. And David did a back jacket review for the book, too.

But more importantly (and I hope David doesn’t kill me for disclosing this) he has been a great help, coaching me through the trials and tribulations of book publishing. See this is round one for me (and Brian), while David is an established author. Getting coaching tips have been invaluable, and I guarantee David’s influence will extend beyond Now Is Gone into my next book (if there’s another one in the cards).

So in addition to big thanks to Rajesh Lalwani and Lauren Vargas, I also want to thank David. Have a great Thanksgiving, folks. We’ll be back on Monday.