Review: Your Inner CEO

517pS8pbi3L._AA240_ Allan Cox’s “Your Inner CEO” offers executives a really hard gut check. Their journey forces them to understand what’s going on inside their company… and them.

The theory is until a CEO really understands what drives him or her, they will not be able to meet the challenges facing them in day-to-day business. The book is particularly relevant for organizational leaders challenged by dynamic market forces… such as the advent of social media and its impact on marketing.

Your Inner CEO follows the precept that executives are not in control; that they must adapt to the current market conditions. To do that, an executive needs to ask him/herself some tough questions as simply as possible. And he/she may not like the answers, possibly causing the executive to reinvent their goals.

This is an outstanding exercise for any leader. Here’s what I came up with:

  • I am: an energizer
  • Life is: an opportunity to grow.
  • My central goal: is to be of service.
  • Main obstruction: is wanting to be liked.

What’s amazing about Your Inner CEO (available on Amazon) is not only the rigorous gut check, but the success stories. There are so many executives and companies that turned it around by taking the time to check out what drives them, both positively and negatively. The resulting knowledge lets executives and their companies refocus on what’s important.

Veteran Author Alan Cox grounds the book in spiritual principles, and does CEOs a great service by forcing them to look at who they really are, and what their companies are actually doing. A brilliant and worthwhile read.