No Official “Now Is Gone” Facebook Group

welcome_3Several folks have asked me to start a Now Is Gone Facebook group. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, but at this time cannot oblige.

Why? Because I’m one man, and I’m running a company, too, in addition to launching the book. Plus there’s that whole family thing. And Brian Solis is one busy person, too. Time is the most precious resource. So when it comes to marketing activities for Now Is Gone the choices must be strategically targeted towards maximum impact.

This blog, my Facebook profile and Twitter are the primer forms of direct outreach to you. The rest is dedicated to media relations, providing other bloggers information, and speaking engagements.

A Facebook group does not seem to be a great marketing tool as there are so many well-established social media and marketing groups and sub-communities out there. Strategically, it was not the right move from a time investment standpoint.

That being said, fans should feel welcome to start their own Now Is Gone community group. User-generated social media of this nature was and still is totally unexpected, but we did put Now Is Gone graphics on Flickr.

Thank you to those who were interested, and I am sorry that I cannot oblige you at this time.


Peter Corbett created a Facebook fan group. Details here.



  • This makes sense. I’m curious if a Fan page could be a solution or is that just more maintenance?

  • I was thinking the same thing..and I’ve seen some books being promoted that way.

  • Whew, I don’t know. Have to tell you the truth. I am overwhelmed right now, and really need to focus on clients and then the brass tacks with the book. And when I do get some time somewhere down the line, I think a little R&R will be desperately needed. I’m just not a full-time author yet.

  • No sooner said than Peter Corbett ( creates a Facebook fan group.
    How amazing is that?

  • I don’t know, Geoff. Not sure if you are connected enough. Surely you can muster up some energy to create and maintain a FB group, MySpace Authors profile page and Bebo Books profile page! Oh, and live UStream broadcasts with tandem Twittercasting.

    PS: Kidding! You’re doing a great job! Thanks for all the valuable insight you and brian have provided and continue to provide.

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  • Can I join the “Facebook is Gone” group?

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