Frank Gruber Interviews Brian Solis, Technosailor’s Aaron Brazell Reviews Now Is Gone

Frank Gruber interviewed Brian Solis today about the book, and social media in general. It’s got lots of great insights from two of the best minds in social media today. Check it out!

Also, if you haven’t perused Somewhat Frank yet, get over there now. Frank’s social media insights are just amazing, and his Tech Cocktail events are always packed! I had the opportunity to meet him last month, and I can tell you Frank is a bright and kind person who makes time for his fans.

Twice the fun, Technosailor’s Aaron Brazell reviewed Now Is Gone today. Here’s some of what he had to say…

Overall, the book is brilliant. I’m glad this is not “yet another book on blogging”. It doesn’t provide a how to. It doesn’t provide options for choosing your platform or describe how to subscribe to RSS.

It’s obvious that this book was written mostly for executives. This is not a bad thing as Executives are the ones steering companies and the reality is that if companies don’t embrace social media, they will be left behind. It is presented in a very philosophical way, describing the challenges that companies face today when it comes to the social media landscape, brand management and public relations.

Thanks, Aaron! Full review here.