This Week’s Reviews

An actual day-to-day practitioner of social media, a community manager, Connie Bensen reviewed the book: “It’s a must read if you’re considering implementing a social media program or already have an established one. It was nice to nod in agreement with the ideas that I’m already practicing. And there were times I found myself pondering the overviews.”

Connie’s comments meant more to me than most of the reviews to date because she’s on the firing line.  It’s great to get an acknowledgement like this. Thanks, Connie!

Chip Griffin from Media Bullseye reviewed the book: Geoff Livingston has successfully authored a book that many communicators new to the social media game will find to be a useful introduction to the techniques needed to thrive. Recommended, with reservations. Chip’s primary reservations were with our blogger relations suggestions.

Finally, A-Lister Chris Brogan reviewed the book and says, “I just finished reading this excellent book by Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis. It’s chock full of interesting points, good case studies from the real world, supporting posts and references, and a great deal of useful information. It’s packed into a very slim volume, perfect for those who have a lot to do and little time to do it, and yet excellent in dispensing the important information to be covered.”