The Most Influential Blogger of the Year Is…

blogoffirelarger.jpgOnce again, my completely shameless monthly exercise in subjective measures of greatness…the Most Influential Blogger post. Winners get complimentary Blogs of Fire T-Shirts. This time, because it’s December we get to crown my personal, most influential blogger for 2007.

But first, December’s most influential bloggers. This list changes quite a bit from month-to-month, and ranking by cumulative score allows for a better picture of my most influential bloggers. Interesting to note that no PR bloggers made this month’s ranking. An unintentional, but interesting oversight. Year-to-date rankings — and the blogger of the year — are below.

December’s Top Five are…..

1) Chris Brogan‘s 100 posts on social media marketing (or not) have been outstanding thus far. Further, they demonstrate Chris’s continued commitment to serving his community. Anyone interested in social media can stand to learn a ton from Chris.

2) Valeria Maltoni: Once again, Valeria has delivered a fantastic month of social media commentary. Her consistent brilliance is hard to match (even if she does use the term “3.0”).

3) Mack Collier has a great blog that I’ve been introduced to through the Conversation Age crowd. Good commentary ranges from outside issues to his own thoughts. A must for your Reader!

4) Toby Bloomberg has done a pretty nice job of late, and as always serves as a great blogger role model. It’s always good to have someone experienced, savvy and brilliant in your network. And to admire great blogging, too!

5) Jeremiah Owyang has been brilliant of late, and seems to be on another tear. As always the web strategist transcends marketing disciplines to deliver valuable information to everyone.

2007 Blogger of the Year

valeria For the Blogger of the Year ranking: Five points for first place down to one for fifth place, and cumulating the score. Our cumulative weighted 2007 ranking makes VALERIA MALTONI my most influential blogger of the year (image credit: CC Chapman)!

Way to go, Valeria!!! Thanks for the great posts. What does this mean? Nothing, other than I highly, highly recommend Valeria’s blog, and next time we do a blogger meet-up, I’m buying!

Here’s the year end scores:

Valeria Maltoni – 13

Chris Brogan – 9

Toby Bloomberg -8

Jeremiah Owyang – 8

Kami Huyse – 7

Brian Oberkirch – 7

Shel Israel – 6

Todd Defren – 5

Chris Heuer – 5

Rich Becker – 4

Mack Collier – 3

Anthony Williams – 3

Kevin Dugan – 3

Shel Holtz – 3

Brian Solis – 3

Ike Pigott -2

Eric Eggertson – 1

Seth Godin – 1

Quick recap:

November’s top five in order were PR Squared’s Todd Defren, Valeria Maltoni, Shel Israel, Brian Oberkirch, as well as Kami Huyse and Brian Solis (tied).

October’s top five in order were Kami Huyse, Chris Brogan, Anthony Williams, Brian Solis, and Chris Heuer.

September’s top five in order were Jeremiah Owyang, Toby Bloomberg, Shel Holtz, Ike Pigott, and Seth Godin.

August’s were Valeria Maltoni, Rich Becker, Shel Israel, Toby Bloomberg, and Eric Eggertson.

July’s were Brian Oberkirch, Chris Heuer, Kevin Dugan, Jeremiah Owyang, and Kami Huyse.

In January, we’ll start anew!



  • I’m honored to be listed with these greats! How do you judge and provide points?

    It’s great to be on this list, but I would also appreciate if you could give me your opinions on how I can improve. That is, afte rall, one of the great benefits of blogging the feedback to improve.

  • Thank you, Geoff. Thank you for reading, for joining the conversation, and for spreading the word on such blogs as Mack’s The Viral Garden, Eric’s Common Sense PR, and Kevin’s Strategic Public Relations, etc. Look at this company! You have introduced me to great readings, too.

    I hardly think Jeremiah needs lessons on blogging, do you? One suggestion, and I know there is so little time, perhaps is to participate a little more in a wider variety of conversations ;-) We all fall into habits in reading and commenting… Geoff is a good example of reaching out to diverse groups, and people.

  • Outstanding selection. I’m an avid reader of everyone on the list and while all are deserving, Valeria is certainly outstanding. Well done!

  • @Jeremiah I’d sya you are a far better blogger than I am, so any advice I could offer should be taken with a grain of salt. My only suggestion would be a more conversational style. Valeria is really good at this, as is Solis.

    @Valeria Congratulations!

    @Jason No doubt, and I enjoy your blog, too. I need to become more of a visible patron (so to speak).

  • Jeremiah, I wish I could provide a better answer for your question.

    You see, you are a big enough blogger that you qualify for the Blog Bowl Division, formerly known as “the A-List”. You don’t get the benefit of an actual head-to-head showdown on the screen, and are beholden to the fickleness of the voters. Starting the year as far back as you did is a travesty.

    If you had a site with tiny traffic like Occam’s RazR, you would be in the Blog Championship Division (formerly the “Long Tail.”) We get together during the last of December and first of January, and settle it like men (or men pretending to be women.)

  • Thanks Geoff,

    I’m very honored to be included among so many great names. Great choice in having Valeria at the top of the list. She’s consistently demonstrates herself to be one of the most promising voices in social media.

    All my best,

  • Just glad to be included in the list. Oh, and the t-shirt is also great!

  • I’m #2! I’m #2! Yayyyyyy!!!!!! Woooooo yeah!!!!!!!

    And #1 for December, baby! Wooooo!!!!!!

    Hello? Hello?

    Mr. Warhol? Come back here!

  • Geoff – Thank you for the wonderful holiday ‘gift.’ I’m honored to be a part of your list. Agree .. Valeria is amazing!

  • Wow. And I STILL owe you copy. All the more prestigious an honor. Thank you Geoff.

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