A Review and a Testimonial

Joe Wikert reviewed Now Is Gone on his Publishing 2020 blog. Here’s what Joe thought of the book:

The subtitle for Now Is Gone is “A Primer on New Media for Executives and Entrepreneurs” and I think that very accurately sums up this book’s focus and target audience.  In short, anyone who wants to leverage new media in their business is going to find value in this book. It’s a nice, short read and yet the authors manage to cover all the critical components of new media.

In addition, local blogger and friend Shashi Bellamkonda got a new job. Now he will be engaged in social media full-time at Network Solutions. Way to go, Shashi!  In his announcement, he mentioned how Now Is Gone impacted his movement towards social media:

… “Now is Gone,” which did exactly what the cover says, it’s a “primer for Social Media.” I’ve met with him several times and he was a great guy to bounce ideas off. His book was a great resource and I remember his words, “First determine if your community is Social media Savvy and engage in the media they use” (I may be paraphrasing).

A great way to end the year.  Best wishes to everyone, and have a merry and safe New Year!