Brian Solis Releases eBook on Blogger Relations

solis-glasses-recut Now Is Gone Co-Author Brian Solis released an eBook on Blogger Relations today.  Blogger Relations is oft the most contested entry in the book, Now Is Gone, so its great to have more information on the topic for readers.  We plan on developing more resources on blogger relations electronically and in any future editions of the book.

From Brian’s PR 2.0 post:

The discussion around blogger relations is more relevant now than ever. And quite honestly, with every debate, exploration, and analysis, these conversations only fuel the advancement and improvement of Public Relations overall. It makes us think.

Blogger relations is so much more than the recognition that bloggers ARE influencers in their own right. Now it’s the understanding of how PR can work with them in addition to their traditional day-to-day activity.

You can view the eBook here. Or download the Word Doc. Or download the PDF.