Three More Reviews

We had three more reviews this week, all very favorable.  First up was Techno//Marketer’s Matt Dickman, a veteran social media marketer.  Matt said:

Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis solidly deliver on the book’s promise and tag line “a primer on new media for executives and entrepreneurs”. Now is Gone, however, provides solid knowledge to bolster even the most veteran maven’s arsenal. It’s a fairly quick read, but the documentation and references help continue the conversations online.

Contagious Solutions’ Tony Steward also reviewed the book.  Tony thought the book was unusually pragmatic:

This however is the first book I have seen that answers all the questions I have heard from CEOs, Executives and Lead Pastors about the Social Media space, its measurement, its value and strategies for being effective. If you are either a person in one of those roles, or the person who needs to communicate the value of Social Media to them – I would recommend this book be your first read and manual.

Since then Tony continues to blog about the book, in particular, Chapter Two, “New Media Ready?”

Finally, Beyond 2.0’s Frederik Johnsen just started reading the book, but already likes it:

I think I learned more from the first ten pages than I have from all the one-day courses I have ever taken since I graduated way back in 2000.

Overall, there have been 38 reviews to date. An overwhelming majority of the reviews have been extremely positive and every single one of them recommended the book. You can find all of the reviews here.