Six Steps on Blogger Relationships

Let me apologize for using video (four minutes) instead of writing this out. A bad case of Carpal Tunnel tonight prevented full blog post writing. I will write up a full piece on blogger relations for Media Bullseye in the next couple of days.

This video post outlines the six basic steps I take to build a blogger relationship. For a great read on shaping a pitch, check out SHIFT Communications Quick & Critical Tips for blogger relations, some of which cross pollinates with the following suggestions. For extensive reading, please see Brian Solis’ e-book on blogger relations. My six steps :

  1. Comment on their blog
  2. Join their social networks
  3. Use your blog
  4. Basic human relations
  5. Opt them in
  6. Win the war, not the battle

9 Replies to “Six Steps on Blogger Relationships”

  1. Liked the video, Geoff, and responded to it, I guess, while you were blogging it. I agree that it’s about relationships, which means investing the time to become a part of a blogger’s community. Treat people like people, think about what it is they need. Empathy is a very practical skill to have.

  2. Very good post, Geoff. I really liked it and I think you’re right about vlogging it instead of writing your thoughts. It can be much easier to say than to write. Hope your hands are feeling better. But enough about that. I really like this post about forming relationships. I know I’ve been put into a position where I’ve been asked to go out to the wonderful world of the Internet and just ask bloggers to write about a site that we’ve created or about a promotion. In fact, I’ve had someone write on one of my blogs to check out some of the work that they’ve done and comment about it. It all makes sense now how to do it the RIGHT way.

    Thanks Geoff…you’ve definitely given me some good ammo to fight back. :-)

  3. First step, done.

    No, but really…

    I work in PR/Media Relations for a small agency in Kansas City, MO. My boss has been in the business for 35+years and prides himself on being a renegade PR practitioner in that he developed a pay-for-results model in PR when no one else was doing it as a way of bringing accountability to what he saw as an industry full of people patting themselves on the backs with no *real* results to speak of for clients. We’ve been at it for ten years now with huge success landing placements in traditional media.

    Last week, after months of feeling like I was lacking direction and focus in my position, I approached my boss about bringing our company into the world of social media. He was resistant and skeptical. Mostly because he is so unfamiliar with what exactly “social media” is and how it can be of any benefit to him. So, I purchased him a copy of Now is Gone. He read it over the weekend and came in Monday morning with a new attitude. He got it. He saw the potential and identified a new client that would benefit from a social media “campaign” and now I’m clamoring to figure out how I’m going to make it work. Totally freaking out, but incredibly stoked for the opportunity.

    I just want to thank you for your insights. I actually like my job again. Keep up the great content!

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