On the Road Again!

I’ll be out and about quite a bit over the next few months, and hope to meet up with some of you.  The following is my speaking and conference schedule this winter/spring:

  1. General Dynamics Information Technology Marketing Meeting (private), lunch keynote on Social Media, February 1
  2. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (attending): February 10-12
  3. PRSA Ft. Worth’s Professional Development Day on New/Social Media, running/speaking for all day conference: February 21
  4. Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, speaking on social media: February 27
  5. MarketingProfs B2B 2.0 Expo, panel on B2B uses of Social Media,  online: March 5
  6. PRSA National Capital Chapter, lunch speaker in Tysons Corner, VA: March 6
  7. Human Capital Institute’s National Human Capital Summit in Phoenix, panelist on Attracting and Retaining the New Economy Workforce: GenX and Y (using social media), March 10
  8. MarketingProfs Online Seminar, presenting Re-Engineering marketing for a Social Media World: March 13
  9. Blogger Social ’08, New York City (attending): April 4-6
  10. New Communications Forum in Sonoma, CA, two sessions with Kami Huyse: April 22-25
  11. BlogPotomac in Falls Church, VA, host: June 13

Plus Brian Solis and I will likely do an event or two for Now Is Gone.  I hope to meet many of you over the next few months!