January’s Most Influential Bloggers


It’s time for the completely shameless monthly exercise in subjective measures of greatness…the Most Influential Blogger post. Winners get complimentary Blogs of Fire T-Shirts.

This list changes quite a bit from month-to-month, and ranking by cumulative score allows for a better picture of my most influential bloggers.Year-to-date rankings for the blogger of the year are accumulated from month to month. As this is the first ranking of the year, we are beginning with a clean slate.

1) Shel Israel – Consciousness in a time when every marketer on earth is trying to figure out social media to make money. Shel offers a voice of reason and experience when we most need it. He has been my favorite read for some time.

2) Wkinomics (team) – Continuous and intelligent coverage about the ongoing social media revolution. This is the best blog about social media from an executive management trend perspective. If Read/Write Web is too geeky for you, check out Wikinomics.

3) B.L. Ochman – At a time when PR bloggers seem redundant, B.L. offers a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t call her a PR blogger though, especially after her recent run-ins with PR Week. Anyway, lots of great insights into social media with B.L.

4) Ignite Social Media (Tobin and McNeil) – A great team blog with outstanding insights into marketing, backed with stats and figures. I always look forward to a new piece from this North Carolina-based blog team.

5) Chris Brogan – Ahh, grasshopper. Always on, always thinking about his community. It’s hard not to get something from Chris Brogan’s blog. Chris is a regular on the monthly most influential list.

And the 2008 rankings begin!

  • Shel Israel – 5 points
  • Wikinomics – 4 points
  • B.L. Ochman – 3 points
  • Ignite Social Media – 2 points
  • Chris Brogan – 1 point