More Reviews!

A few more reviews have emerged over the past week, and these have held the course, all recommending the book.  In addition to new Amazon reviews, it’s great to see people are enjoying the book. I am aware of at least one study group that have evolved, and have been asked to develop a curriculum based on the book by several organizations.

Our first review comes from WOMMA stalwart and Community Guy blogger Jake McKee:

This book is a fast, easy read; something most business books don’t tend to be. I’m generally a slower reader than most, so the idea of reading a business book cover to cover typically makes my brain hurt. When I started reading this book, however, I was surprised how fast I was making it through. For a book meant to help people understand the basics, this is an admirable trait…. If you’re looking to put a book in front of a client/colleague/executive that helps them understand what this social media space is all about and why they need to pay attention to it, this is a fantastic place to start.

Jake did bring up the typo issue, a result of our decision to race the book to market rather than go through the full editing process.

Next up TechnoBuzz’s Susan Tatum:

Social media is here to stay and every business technology marketer, executive and entrepreneur needs to get a grip on what that means. Now is Gone, Geoff Livingston’s primer on new media is a great place to start. This book provides a good high-level overview of the so-called New Media and how it affects the way we communicate with traditional PR audiences — such as journalists and analysts – as well as prospects, customers and our extended “communities”.

And finally, Rodger Johnson wrapped up his two part review on a much higher note:

Speaking broadly, without giving away all of Livingston’s book, he addresses how to use your company’s current marketing activity to affect social media communities. To be honest, chapter 4, on it’s own, will set the novice a step ahead of the newbie in just a few short minutes.  

Thanks to Jake, Susan and Rodger for taking the time to write these reviews.