February’s Most Influential Bloggers

bof20083It’s time for the completely shameless monthly exercise in subjective measures of greatness…the Most Influential Blogger post. Winners get complimentary Blogs of Fire T-Shirts.

This list changes quite a bit from month-to-month, and ranking by cumulative score allows for a better picture of my most influential bloggers.Year-to-date rankings for the blogger of the year are accumulated from month to month. As this is the first ranking of the year, we are beginning with a clean slate.

1) Web Strategy by Jeremiah – I think Jeremiah ended up in my del.icio.us book marks five or six times last month. Just when you think there can’t possibly be anything more this guy has to offer, bang, another shot over the fence. Recessions, employees vs. companies, interviews. Keep it going, Jeremiah.

2) Laura Ries – She blogs infrequently, but when she does it’s a sure-fire hit. This month she had analysis of the Oprah endorsement, a discussion about Starbucks closing and Microhoo analysis.

3) Neville Hobson – I like Neville quite a bit and have been following him for some time. His posts can informative, educational, and are often backed by great stats. A great staple for anyone’s reader.

4) Chris Brogan – Note repeat from last month: Chris is still on, always thinking about his community. It’s hard not to get something from Chris Brogan’s blog. Like Neville, Chris is a must read staple for anyone’s blog.

5) Todd Defren – A strong month from, Mr. Defren. Todd frequently appears on the listing, through this is his first appearance of 2008. Strong posts this month included blogger relations for small cos., a location-based future, wire services and criticism of ooVoo day.

January Winners: Shel Israel, Wkinomics (team), B.L. Ochman, Ignite Social Media (Tobin and McNeil), Chris Brogan

The 2008 rankings to date:

  • Shel Israel – 5 points
  • Jeremiah Owyang – 5 points
  • Laura Ries – 4 points
  • Wikinomics – 4 points
  • Chris Brogan – 3 points
  • Neville Hobson – 3 points
  • B.L. Ochman – 3 points
  • Ignite Social Media – 2 points
  • Todd Defren – 1 point

Last month’s winners have not received their shirts yet due to a short staffed Livingston Communications. All apologies, they’re coming!